Lately I just cant stop lusting after the gorgeous Clara Apartment sofa from Pottery Barn. I’ve been contemplating the idea of a new couch for the last few months, and this beauty definitely caught my eye. I love the color, the simplicity, the legs, the tufting (oh, the tufting!). It’s so chic and elegant looking-and perfectly apartment sized! Not sure that I’ll be taking the new couch plunge anytime soon, but when I do Clara will definitely be on the top of the candidate list!


  1. Stephanie says: May 30, 2012

    Pretty! It looks structured yet comfortable, and very classic!

  2. Dorothy says: May 30, 2012

    i totally love this couch. good taste!!!

  3. Get the sofa! It's gorgeous! (I'm with you on the tufting)!
    ps. We've been missing your posts lately! xo

  4. Georgina says: May 30, 2012

    That couch is amazing – I could style an entire living room around it.

  5. Leslie says: May 30, 2012

    It is a beautiful thing to behold! I hope you get a new couch soon. 🙂

  6. Carolyn says: May 30, 2012

    LOVE it. It's so sophisticated and versatile; definitely would be a great investment!

  7. Gorgeous! You should definitely get it!

  8. Whitney Cosgrave says: May 30, 2012

    ohhh I love the couch also! Get it!

  9. Holly says: May 30, 2012

    So classic and beautiful! New furniture is an investment, but SO worth it in the long run

  10. Lisa // Elembee, Etc says: May 31, 2012

    She's a beauty!

  11. sparklegem says: June 1, 2012

    Love your blog and yes that Clara sofa is gorgeous!

  12. Kristy Evans says: September 17, 2013

    This sofa is gorgeous! I can't help but wonder how comfortable it is though… hang on a minute who am I kidding, as long as it looks good comfort is optional! 😉

    1. Jackie {York Avenue} says: September 17, 2013

      Haha, good point Kristy! I agree 🙂

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