A New Look

Notice anything different around here? Yup, York Avenue finally has a header, and I couldn’t be happier with it! It’s a custom sketch created by the lovely and talented artist Esther Bayer. Esther was such a dream to work with. She is obviously over the top talented, and she really took the time to ensure that the end result was exactly what I had in mind. She is a super sweet girl and made the whole process really fun! I highly recommend commissioning Esther if you’re in the market for a custom sketch or blog header. If you’re not looking for something custom, you’re still in luck because Esther has an Etsy shop you just gotta check out. It’s full of gorgeous watercolors and fabulous fashion sketches. It was hard to pick just a few, but here’s a sampling of my favorite items from Esther’s Etsy shop:

All of Esther’s gorgeous $30.00 art prints are 25% off until the end of December, so if you’re looking for a holiday gift for the fabulous fashionista in your life, or just anyone who appreciates great art (or you want to give yourself a little gift!) you’re in luck!

Images via Esther’s Art Shop on Etsy.com


  1. Kassi says: December 14, 2011

    Very pretty! Love your new blog header, she did an awesome job!


  2. Sally says: December 14, 2011

    Love it!!

    Her sketches are gorgeous

  3. whitney - see shop eat do says: December 14, 2011

    I just came on here and thought to myself 'how have I not noticed this pretty banner before?'. But this explains it. Looks greatt!

  4. Dorothy says: December 14, 2011

    Just beautiful! Love it! Really like the skyline and all the details. Great collaboration.

  5. Elle Sees says: December 14, 2011

    Wow! What an amazing talent.

  6. Alexandra says: December 14, 2011

    These are all absolutely stunning, and such timelessly beautiful art pieces! Thanks for sharing!

    Alexandra xo


  7. Grace - Stripes and Sequins says: December 14, 2011

    Love the makeover – and want one of those prints!!!

  8. Al says: December 14, 2011

    Can't even get over how GREAT this looks. She did an amazing job. She's such a talented artist.

    It really looks like you w. the striped shirt..and your apartment with all the black and white and polka dots and pink. and the coffee mug. LOVE.

    Love the effect of the skyline, and really pretty color scheme.

  9. Clara Turbay says: December 15, 2011
  10. Lily says: December 15, 2011

    love the new header — great job! and LOVE all of these prints by esther, what a talent!

    Oh – Fancy That.

  11. Lisa Marie says: December 15, 2011

    Esther's work is gorgeous. I want one of each print!!

    Lisa Marie

  12. D says: December 15, 2011

    Your new blog header looks great! I have been experimenting with different looks on my blog as well.. havent taken the leap to have something custom done quite yet 🙂

  13. Brittany Galla says: December 15, 2011

    i love your new header–it's so perfect!!

  14. Kate Lasater says: December 15, 2011

    Those are beautiful. She does amazing work!


  15. Ivana says: December 16, 2011

    I´m obsessed with your header, it looks just fantastic! And I love all those gorgeous pictures! Wonderful!

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes 🙂
    Macarons and Pearls

  16. Adrianna says: December 22, 2011

    These are gorgeous!


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