Weekend Reading

It’s been so long since I’ve done a Weekend Reading post! I kept coming across things that I’ve been wanting to share so I figured it was high time to finally gather them all up here. Yesterday I took a walk to Central Park and photographed the saucer magnolias by Cleopatra’s Needle with my DSLR and my new film camera – I’m so excited to get the film scans back and compare them to the DSLR images (nerd alert). So happy everything is starting to bloom!

Loved this beautifully layered New York City apartment.

Josh Young released a series of new portrait art, and I am obsessed with this one. Need more wall space!

This white eyelet top is so pretty and I so don’t need it, trying to resist!

This short video from the Met Museum about the construction of a new tutu for Degas’ famous dancer sculpture is fascinating.

I love this nightstand – and it looks so much more expensive than its very reasonable price.

This post of Monica’s has me dying to go to Scotland and stay in the Dunstane Houses – charm galore!

This pretty straw bag wouldn’t hold much but it’s so sweet for spring and summer.

J. Crew actually has a bunch of cute new arrivals – I love how simple and chic this feels, and I feel like I would wear this tee all the time (I love a casual tee with a little something extra, just easy to wear).

One more – the shade of hot pink here is just perfection!

Currently reading this and liking it a lot so far.

I loved reading this interview with Lauren Liess, and cannot wait for her new book.

This article about Marie Kondo’s actual (oft-misinterpreted) stance on books inspired me to purge my collection, and I’m really glad I did!

Orlando Soria’s post about keeping it real on social media makes so much sense to me – he’s the best.

Amy Berry is opening a store, and seriously I’ve never been more jealous of Southerners. They get ALL the good design stores! First Sarah Bartholomew’s, then Paloma’s, now Amy Berry’s (plus Biscuit Home!). We need some of these in NYC asap!

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  1. Monica wrote:

    OMG I am so excited for Amy Berry’s store!!! Definitely going when it opens and I’m home in Dallas!

    Thanks for sharing my post–I hope you make it there soon!!

    Published 4.14.19 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      I am so jealous! I’ll be living vicariously through you 🙂

      Published 4.17.19 · Reply