Spring with Kate

Kate Spade’s new spring campaign is a real departure for the brand! It’s obvious they’re going in a different direction with the clothing marketing, and I’m intrigued. Case in point:

Does that even look like Kate Spade? It’s so different! I’m excited to see where they go with it-it’s a little edgier, younger, more “hip”-but the clothing is still rather classic, even as the image they’re trying to project has changed. Here are a few of my favorite new pieces that are getting me excited for spring days ahead!

Topliner Trench
 I LOVE the piping!
Siren Dress
 This dress is literal perfection to me. A great mix of a fun, punchy color, with a classic, feminine shape. It’s girly and cute with the flounce, but still so sophisticated and chic. With the little skinny belt-again. Perfect is the only way to describe this.
Darian Jacket
 The perfect little spring topper. It’s urban, yet girly with the scalloped edges. It’s adorable, but still a little tough somehow.
In the Spotlight Idiom Bangle
 I love all of KS’s bangles. I mean, it’s basically polka dots-what’s not to love?

Japanese Floral Cameo Dress
 I am LOVING the shape of this, along with the ruffles, the pattern, and the sleeves. Adorable girly confection.
Arlen Ponte Dress
This is just so sophisticated I can’t even stand it. I LOVE the three quarter sleeves. I love the neckline. I love that it has a bow, and a flounce, and still manages to look adult and super-chic.

I also adore the pink peep toes they paired with everything. I just like how these items look so girly but without being too saccharine. Somehow they pulled off a good mix of girly+urban. All in all, I’m loving where the brand is headed and I’m wishing I could afford one of these dresses!

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  1. sampenner wrote:

    I'm loving that trench. I agree with you- their new campaign is quite different from the usual ads. I am interested to see if they continue to go in this new direction. 🙂



    Published 2.3.12 · Reply
  2. Leslie wrote:

    The first and last dresses are my favorites. I wish that I could afford one of the dresses too! Oh, well. I guess we can dream. 🙂

    Published 2.3.12 · Reply
  3. Holly wrote:

    Love the bangle!

    Come by my blog- I have a surprise for you! 😀

    Published 2.3.12 · Reply
  4. Nuha wrote:

    have you seen the musical chairs video? i'm obsessed with it! and that trench is amazing…it'd be perfect for rainy days!

    Published 2.3.12 · Reply
  5. I like the new look too. Could be a great direction for the company. I'm with you – they have the best bangles.

    Published 2.3.12 · Reply
  6. I'm so excited to see the new direction for Kate Spade! I love that siren dress 🙂 hope you have a great weekend! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

    Published 2.3.12 · Reply
  7. Love the Darien jacket… it's adorable!
    have a good weekend!

    Published 2.3.12 · Reply
  8. bevy wrote:

    I like the ad. It seems like they're targeting a younger demographic, but can a younger demo afford the brand?

    Published 2.3.12 · Reply
  9. What's not to love about Kate Spade??? That trench coat is definitely swoon worthy.

    Published 2.4.12 · Reply
  10. I adore all of your picks, especially the pink dress and the pink peep toes. As much as a pair of her shoes cost, they sure are fun to pull out and wear, totally worth it!! xo.

    Published 2.5.12 · Reply
  11. The brand does look really different, but I am still obsessed! That trench is to DIE for and so perfect for spring. I have a pair of her heels and they're actually fairly comfortable. If I were to buy anything besides handbags from the line, it'd be shoes. They're just so beautiful! 🙂

    Published 2.7.12 · Reply