At Home: Sotheby’s Showhouse 2016

sothebys showhouse 2016-2198

Sotheby’s is currently holding At Home, its Third Annual Designer Showhouse and Auction. As they explain it: “twelve interior designers and design firms will each create one unique room within a home constructed within the fifth-floor exhibition space of Sotheby’s Manhattan headquarters.” The architectural design of the 6,300 square foot space was done by Trey Lafave Architecture and Interiors. The designers were tasked with selecting pieces from various Sotheby’s departments to integrate into their designs, such as 20th Century Design, English & Continental Furniture, Ceramics, Fine Arts, and more. The point, as I see it, is to show how these fine art and antique pieces can be mixed and matched with more contemporary furnishings to create a luxurious, but livable, current space. The showhouse is open to the public through April 16, and an auction will be held on April 17th for the various furnishings and antiques used throughout the space. I’ve included some of the designers’ renderings for their spaces, which Sotheby’s sent out in the press materials and I thought might be cool for you all to see! Read on to see those, along with my favorite rooms and details…


One of my favorite rooms was Robert Passal’s Master Bedroom.


sothebys showhouse 2016-2200

This bed is just amazing! I love that ledge around the side and how the top just feels so enveloping. The shape and breadth seem luxurious, but the style is simple and fresh. The blush linen bolsters were custom made.

sothebys showhouse 2016-2192

sothebys showhouse 2016-2195

The room’s wall covering was hand drawn by Parisian painter Sylvie Michel Bilger, and will be made into wallpaper in the future. She was inspired by Cy Twombly. I absolutely love the lamp (love), by Liz Marsh Designs, and the seersucker details that were everywhere, and amazing. There was a seersucker couch at the foot of the bed and they used seersucker slipcovers to cover these amazing ornate looking vintage chairs that apparently had seen better days. Such a great mix of contemporary + vintage, preppy + ornate.

sothebys showhouse 2016-2194

Perfect desk/nightstand situation.

sothebys showhouse 2016-2203

One of the most impressive parts of the room? The china cabinet, which was used as a bookcase. On either side you can see a collection of blue and green vessels, which looks so lovely and provides a great burst of color. This piece already has several interested buyers, apparently…not too surprising!

sothebys showhouse 2016-2202

I love the little wicker stool used as a book holder/nightstand. Feels very beach house-y.

sothebys showhouse 2016-2193

Such a cool, textural piece of art, again by Liz Marsh Designs.

sothebys showhouse 2016-2199

Coolest firewood holders ever, hands down.

sothebys showhouse 2016-2191

Another favorite was the Drawing Room by Patrick Mele:


sothebys showhouse 2016-2139

The wall covering is a fabric by Pierre Frey, which is based on a street diptych by French artist Charles Pringuay. I love it so much, and the vibrant peach colored walls underneath are just as good. This room was pink last year too, if you recall!

sothebys showhouse 2016-2140

sothebys showhouse 2016-2146

sothebys showhouse 2016-2147

A perfect juxtaposition – these small still life paintings paired with the ultra edgy wall covering.

sothebys showhouse 2016-2153

Tarot cards cover a door in the Gallery by Fawn Galli, next to a modern “chair.”

Bunny Williams-2

Bunny Williams designed the Living Room in neutrals with glamorous touches of metallic and a plethora of textural details.

sothebys showhouse 2016-2160

sothebys showhouse 2016-2154

Trompe-l’oeil door!

sothebys showhouse 2016-2155

Cool trash can.

sothebys showhouse 2016-2156

I really like these unique wall sconces.

sothebys showhouse 2016-2157

This coffee table was used throughout the showhouse, but each was filled with something different. This was one of my favorites!

sothebys showhouse 2016-2158

sothebys showhouse 2016-2159

I LOVED this vignette – Ormond Gigli’s “Girls in the Windows” is amazing, and of course I loved the bust.


Shelley Morris_1-2

Shelley Morris Interiors designed the Dining Room with a really cool double tulip table and this ornate mirror above the mantel:

sothebys showhouse 2016-2162

sothebys showhouse 2016-2165

The moody Library was designed by Scott Sanders. Look at how he expertly arranged those catalogues…great inspiration for magazine organization.

sothebys showhouse 2016-2166

Sandra Nunnerley’s Family Room, featuring amazing art and unique chairs. Check out this giant palm frond:

sothebys showhouse 2016-2167

sothebys showhouse 2016-2168

BHDM’s sunroom was a lovely mix of green, black, and white:



sothebys showhouse 2016-2179

sothebys showhouse 2016-2171

sothebys showhouse 2016-2172

sothebys showhouse 2016-2173

sothebys showhouse 2016-2175

sothebys showhouse 2016-2178

sothebys showhouse 2016-2180

The charming, happy Breakfast Room designed by Jenny Wolf Interiors:

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 10.36.23 PM-2

sothebys showhouse 2016-2181

sothebys showhouse 2016-2186

sothebys showhouse 2016-2187

photos by me, renderings care of Sotheby’s 

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  1. Great photos – love seeing the rooms and details !

    Robert Passal is a genius , the best mixmaster with a keen eye for color placement ! Adore his new wallpaper design , and every luxurious detail .

    Thank you for your kind comments on my lamps and dimensional art piece !

    Best ,
    Liz Marsh

    Published 4.12.16 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      Thank you Liz! I absolutely love your work (I’ve added your links to the post). You definitely have yourself a new fan!

      Published 4.12.16 · Reply