Shopping in Soho

My sister and I took advantage of the gorgeous (50 degree!) weather the other day to take a stroll around the Nolita/Soho area. There’s tons of great shops around there, both independent and large. We stolled through McNally Jackson books, the most gorgeous bookstore (I LOVE indepedent bookstores), and Steven Alan, which was the size of my studio apartment’s kitchen (there’s a bigger one in Tribeca). Then we headed to Madewell, J. Crew, and Kate Spade. I tried on the J. Crew Tippi Sweater in a primary blue:

I liked the color, but I wound up buying the Double Stripe sweater instead:

This one just seemed longer and more flattering, plus it’s 100% cotton, which I like. AND I used a gift card, so no guilt! Then I couldn’t resist getting a charming hot pink notebook (sans gift card. Dang):

How cute is that though? Here’s the one I considered buying:

J. Crew Archie Grand notebook

Seemed apropos! But I couldn’t resist the neon pink of the first one.

After J. Crew we wandered into the Kate Spade Soho store. It was full of stripes and more primary colors (I’m sensing a trend). Apparently it’s the “Year of Pattern” for Kate:


The best gallery wall.

Some absolutely gorgeous shoes, on a metallic striped wall.

Primary colors!

Stripes everywhere.

Look at the glitter wall! Wish I had that in my apartment. Love the striped floor too.
I LOVE this tote! I kind of wish I had gotten it. Reminded me of this old post.

The whole store is gorgeous (obvi), and totally got me in the mood for spring! Soho is one of the best places to shop if you’re in NYC. Nolita (the adjacent neighborhood) has tons of cute little independent shops, and then Soho itself has all the heavy hitters-right down the street from Kate Spade are Topshop and C. Wonder, and probably others that I didn’t even get to. So if you’re visiting NYC and in need of a little retail therapy, Soho is definitely the place to be! And now I might have to be going back for that tote…ο»Ώο»Ώο»Ώο»Ώ

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  1. Love the notebook you bought at J. Crew! I've seen them around and have been lusting after them for a while!

    Published 1.27.12 · Reply
  2. Ms. Givens wrote:

    I like the striped sweater better too.

    Published 1.27.12 · Reply
  3. Holly wrote:

    I love the sweater you picked! And that journal is adorable- wish I lived in NYC sometimes πŸ™‚

    Published 1.27.12 · Reply
  4. Leslie wrote:

    What great shopping opportunities! I love the sweater you picked up, and the Kate Spade store is absolutely gorgeous. I adore Kate Spade.

    Published 1.27.12 · Reply
  5. Audrey wrote:

    Love the striped sweater you chose! Such a classic. The Kate Spade is such eye candy…I love everything!

    Published 1.27.12 · Reply
  6. LOVE Kate Spade! One of my favorite designers!

    From Brooklyn with love,


    Published 1.27.12 · Reply
  7. I adore my JCREW Tippi sweaters! Such a classic staple! xx

    Published 1.27.12 · Reply
  8. I like the striped sweater that you purchased as well! The store looks amazing!

    Published 1.27.12 · Reply
  9. Alexa wrote:

    Ah seriously gorgeous…love the glittery wall too!

    Published 1.27.12 · Reply
  10. sampenner wrote:

    You are so cute and tiny! I love Kate Spade- and it is almost as fun to see the pretty store layout as the clothes!



    Published 1.27.12 · Reply
  11. Please do more posts like this and outfits of the day! I loooove that striped sweater on you too πŸ™‚ Somehow the store seems cuter in New York than LA!

    XX Kathryn

    Published 1.27.12 · Reply
  12. Viviana wrote:

    Soho shopping is incredible – completely agree! I love the sweater u got!

    Published 1.27.12 · Reply
  13. bevy wrote:

    thanks for taking us shopping with you! the kate spade store is so cute with all the sparkles and stripes. i would shop there just for the decor alone.

    Published 1.27.12 · Reply
  14. meg. wrote:

    I just grabbed the Tippi sweater in orange, but I'm kind of wishing I would've gotten the cobalt instead… but I'm trying to add more unexpected color in my life (one of many resolutions, does that even count?) so I went with the orange. Love the stripes, though! Ties in with KSNY's January pattern!

    Published 1.27.12 · Reply
  15. Laura wrote:

    Wow that Kate Spade store looks gorgeous!

    Great photos! xo

    Published 1.27.12 · Reply
  16. Great finds, love your outfit!

    Published 1.27.12 · Reply
  17. alexi 101 wrote:

    Oye. There are just too many things about this post that I love. Your sweater choice…love. That adorable notebook…love. And the metallic striped wall…I adore.

    xx, alexi

    Published 1.27.12 · Reply
  18. designchic wrote:

    Love your sweater…great look and fun "window shopping" with you!!

    Published 1.28.12 · Reply
  19. Everything looks great!
    That blue sweater is really cute! <3

    Published 1.28.12 · Reply
  20. Sierra wrote:

    love these pictures! especially the wall of shoes πŸ™‚

    Published 1.28.12 · Reply
  21. Published 1.28.12 · Reply
  22. The metallic striped and glitter walls are amazing! Love your picks as well.

    Published 1.28.12 · Reply
  23. LOVE the sweater you chose! It looks so great on you. And those metallic stripes in the window are unreal. Stunning! xo

    Published 1.29.12 · Reply