Scallops and Pom-Poms

After seeing this great article on The Everygirl a few days ago, I got to perusing PB Teen….and it was  such a jackpot! I swear, you can never underestimate these kids stores (PB Teen, Land of Nod, Restoration Hardware Baby and Child). They all have seriously gorgeous items hidden among the kiddie stuff. Case in point: these Emily and Merritt shams, which I am OBSESSED WITH. I think these are amazingly gorgeous! I love the black and white palette and the feminine, soft scallops…they look Parisian, and they look grown-up but still whimsical and fun. As far as I’m concerned, they are perfect – and neutral enough to fit into almost any decor. Happily, the price is part of their charm – it’s only 29.50 for a standard and 32.50 for a Euro! 
I also spotted these curtains which I’m kind of in love with as well:
I think they’re so cute, but also sophisticated. (can pom-poms be sophisticated?) Anyway I think the natural linen material mixed with black keeps it upscale, but the pom-poms keep it fun and fresh. Perfect mix!

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  1. Leslie wrote:

    Those are such great finds! I definitely love looking at PB Teen to see what they have.

    Published 8.15.14 · Reply
  2. Holly wrote:

    Ah! I love the curtains!

    Published 8.16.14 · Reply