Outfit: Loeffler Randall Rain Booties and Madewell Chambray

In general, I kind of hate rain boots. That’s why, after the one pair that I had and actually moderately liked went ahead and just broke right down the middle of the foot (in a snowstorm), I made do without rain boots for about two years. In places where you have a car, that might be okay. In NYC, where you have to walk EVERYWHERE, that’s insane (I made many a trek to the grocery store in soggy Converse). But I just wasn’t willing to spend money on a costly pair of rain boots that I didn’t really love, and despite much searching, a truly great pair eluded me…until now!

These Loeffler Randall rain booties are so cute that I’d happily wear them (and am, here) when it’s not raining. They’re just my style, very comfortable, and the gold buckles really add a little edgy touch. And they’re rain BOOTIES, which I didn’t even know was a thing. Which means that when that awkward spring rain occurs, where it’s warm enough that wearing quilted knee high rain boots would look weird, these will be perfect. I couldn’t be happier with them and I’m so glad I won’t have to wear Converse in the rain anymore (not a smart plan…they are the opposite of waterproof). Also, I know this sounds petty, but ya know when the weather says it’s going to rain, so you plan your whole outfit around dumb rain boots, then it doesn’t rain, and you’re pissed walking around all day looking weird because you’re conspicuously wearing rain boots and it’s not raining….ok, maybe it’s just me. But the point is, that won’t happen to me anymore because these look exactly like a regular, stylish boot that I would typically buy and wear.

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  1. SO COOL! You have exquisite taste.Wish me fortune in getting my 1st pair of Michael Kor booties!

    Published 11.3.14 · Reply
  2. P.S. And getting them before the snow hits Chicago!

    Published 11.3.14 · Reply
  3. Jen wrote:

    I can totally relate to getting stuck in rain boots when it isn't raining. This outfit is so cute! And might have to run out and buy these now.

    Published 11.3.14 · Reply
  4. designchic wrote:

    Chic and casual – a perfect combination! Love the boots!

    Published 11.4.14 · Reply
  5. Sienna wrote:

    Love your alexander wang, it looks so good on you!

    Published 11.4.14 · Reply