NYC Guide: Hamilton’s Soda Fountain

Editor’s note: Sadly, Hamilton’s has closed! 

Hamilton's soda shop-6496

Hamilton's soda fountain-6557

Hamilton’s Soda Fountain & Luncheonette is a charming, retro-style diner and soda shop residing on a quiet corner in the West Village. The whole vibe and menu is very 1940’s Americana/Pleasantville-esque (but without being kitschy), and the menu totally transports you to another place and time. They have classic egg creams, thick, creamy milkshakes, ice cream sodas, “TV dinners,” and much more, as well as soda fountain classics like phosphates, (soda with a dash of acid phosphate), rickeys, malts, and lactarts. The employees (super nice, by the way), even wear the classic soda jerk uniform with the white apron and traditional hat…so cute. Read on to take a peek….

Hamilton's soda shop-6500

Hamilton's soda fountain-6520

Hamilton's soda shop-6499


Hamilton's soda fountain-6491

Hamilton's soda fountain-6525


Hamilton's soda fountain-6529

They had several of these amazing NYC illustrations (paintings?) hung around the shop, which I absolutely love and adore. I forget the name of the artist (bad blogger), but I’m pretty sure he lives in the West Village. I seriously want one!

Hamilton's soda fountain-6494

Hamilton's soda fountain-6511

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Hamilton's soda fountain-6506

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  1. Very similar to ‘The Diner’, here in London. Love it!


    Published 7.6.15 · Reply
  2. Dorothy wrote:

    Looks so inviting and fun, must go!

    Published 7.6.15 · Reply
  3. Alexis wrote:

    Bravo on capturing “mellowfellow-no-people” moments! 😉

    Published 7.6.15 · Reply
  4. Ellie wrote:

    Hey Jackie! I walked past this place when I was recently in town – I didn’t go in. Wish I had now, it looks great – and that shake…! Your photography is so good.

    Published 7.8.15 · Reply
  5. Amanda wrote:

    I’m in love! Soda fountains are totally a thing of the past & I wish they weren’t! Being obsessed with the 40’s and 50’s this place looks right up my alley!

    Published 7.13.15 · Reply