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Is there anything better than being the last to jump on the bandwagon of something that’s gotten tons of hype, and then discover that it was worth every word of it? At that point I think to myself, Why was I ignoring this before, when everyone kept saying how amazing it was? Case in point:
Um, yeah. Why was I not watching this show? I really don’t have a good answer to that question (IS there a good answer to that question?). However, I’m actually pretty happy about it, because now I have the opportunity to utterly immerse myself in a crazy, all-consuming Mad Men marathon. I’ve spent every minute of my free time for the past forty-eight hours entrenched in Season One and now am halfway through Season Two-and do I even need to say how obsessed I am?

These two make some seriously pretty pictures.
Before watching, I always had a shoulder-shrug reaction to Jon Hamm. While everyone was swooning, I really didn’t get it-he kind of looked like a Dad to me, and he always had sort of a goofy smile in every red carpet pic I saw. I just thought “eh.” Well, now that I’ve seen him as Don Draper….
let’s just say, my shoulders shrug no more.

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  1. Viviana wrote:

    I'm with you! I've been watching every episode trying to catch up – late on the bandwagon as well! And Jon Hamm… my shoulders never shrugged, but wow, I love him more now!

    Published 3.26.12 · Reply
  2. I'm in need of a good show to watch since all my regular series are coming to an end. Is it on Netflix? Thanks for the tip — love a good couch potato, never ending episode of a TV show session 😉

    Published 3.26.12 · Reply
  3. I'm the VERY last person to jump on the bandwagon! Esp since I haven't jumped yet. I keep meaning to start/catch up!

    Published 3.26.12 · Reply
  4. Leslie wrote:

    Lol! My husband and I were a little late to the party on this one too. Yesterday was the first time that we watched it live. I actually LOVE being able to watch the episodes together; the wait can be agonizing. Especially, in the first seasons when there is just so much suspense!

    Published 3.26.12 · Reply
  5. Rebecca wrote:

    I jumped on this bandwagon way late too! And now, the name Don Draper is spoken and I swoon. It's always better to discover things later so you don't have to wait for the latest episodes!

    Published 3.26.12 · Reply
  6. its a great show you will love it

    Published 3.26.12 · Reply
  7. I love watching Madmen. Such great mod fashion and interior inspiration!!

    Published 3.26.12 · Reply
  8. Holly wrote:

    Lol! We are on season 2 as well! Desperately trying to catch up with the bandwagon…

    Published 3.26.12 · Reply
  9. Emily wrote:

    I was just thinking the same thing about Mad Men! I'm not sure why I never watched it, but I feel the need to jump on board. Perhaps I will start season one tonight…

    Published 3.26.12 · Reply
  10. miss b wrote:

    I love that floral dress in the first photo – so elegant! Maybe I should start watching the show!

    Published 3.27.12 · Reply
  11. you're not the last to jump on – my bf just recently convinced me to watch, I'm now into season 3 (though I just watched the new series premiere so I'm a little mixed up). I love seeing the outfits!

    Published 3.27.12 · Reply
  12. Europafox wrote:

    Hey I only started watching it about 2 months ago and then plowed through all the box sets!! its bloody great, isn't it? And Don looks HOT in that car pic!

    Published 3.27.12 · Reply
  13. Alexa wrote:

    I need to get on the bandwagon. Have heard great things.

    Published 3.27.12 · Reply
  14. Al wrote:

    I LOVE that picture of them in that red car. Perfection. You really need to check out the episodes of 30 Rock that he's on. Actually, I need to see those again too. Too good.

    Published 4.7.12 · Reply