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So happy that the weekend is finally here! I’ve been pretty exhausted this week so definitely looking forward to catching up on some sleep while also packing in some fun summer activities. On the agenda: brunch (of course), an art gallery in Chelsea, and either a trip to Smorgasburg in Brooklyn or just lounging/reading in Central Park…we’ll see! 
In other news…
I’m still reading Game of Thrones, but recently got back into Afterwards, which I’ve been reading on my Kindle. I rarely use my Kindle so whenever I download a book on it I usually take months to finish, but Afterwards started to get really interesting and now I’m tearing through it! It’s well-written and suspenseful, and I’m dying to see what’s going to happen. 
I need to make an appointment to get the Keratin hair straightening done on my hair…do any of you guys do that? It’s a hair treatment that basically removes the humidity-induced frizz from your hair – a must for the summer when my hair gets truly monstrous. It can be REALLY expensive so I’m planning on getting a Groupon for it, but if anyone knows of good places in NYC that do it, please let me know! 
Selling a few things on Ebay, if anyone’s interested! I’ve got some summer sundresses on there and I have a few more things that I need to list. I love using Ebay to sell clothes that I’m no longer using – definitely essential to be constantly clearing out clutter when living in a studio apartment. 
Even though I hauled my camera around all day, both days last weekend (and had the shoulder pain to prove it – that thing is HEAVY!), I never once took it out and used it. It just seems so much easier to whip out my phone and snap a few shots, but I really miss taking pictures with my camera. I haven’t shot any photos in weeks (a combo of being too tired after work to go out and shoot, and also busy with other things on the weekends), so this weekend I’m determined to carry it around and actually pull it out and put it to use! 
Hope you all have a great weekend!
photo by me

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  1. Ashley wrote:

    You should check out Lifebooker for the Keratin as well, especially the Lifebooker Loot section. They email additional discounts for the Loot deals pretty regularly too.

    Published 6.27.14 · Reply
  2. In love with you blog! My hair has been oh so frizzy lately because the humidity! I'm moving to NYC in August are you blog makes me even more excited!

    Published 6.28.14 · Reply
  3. Holly wrote:

    Sounds like a great, relaxing weekend!

    Published 6.28.14 · Reply
  4. Ameena wrote:

    I live in NYC but couldn't find a well recommended place. I'm visiting LA this weekend and just did the treatment yesterday at the Aveda salon. Maybe try Aveda in NY?

    So far so good but it's hard to tell so early on. My hair is monstrous too…can totally relate!

    Published 6.29.14 · Reply
    • The humidity has been SO bad the last few days..can't wait to get it done!

      Published 7.2.14 · Reply
  5. Jen wrote:

    Love those white pencils! I have that same coffee mug too 😉

    I absolutely love your shots of NYC, even though I live in Louisville. I hope to visit soon!

    xo, Jen

    Published 6.30.14 · Reply
  6. Thank you so much Dale! I've heard so many fantastic things about Chicago, I hope I get the chance to take a trip out there one of these days. xoxo

    Published 7.2.14 · Reply