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Artists and Fleas featured by top New York City blog York Avenue

Artists and Fleas

Exciting news – this weekend I’m going to be taking the Print Shop to Artists and Fleas in Brooklyn!

Artists and Fleas is this really cool marketplace for artists and makers, which takes place in Williamsburg in Brooklyn. So it’s basically a place where you can shop all sorts of interesting and unique products and gifts from all different people – creative entrepreneurs, collectors, designers, and more. I’m thinking it’s sort of like a mashup of a flea market mixed with one of those cool boutiques where they sell unique jewelry and candles and whatnot. There will be over 75 different sellers there, and I’m so excited to be a part of it!

Artists and Fleas featured by top New York City blog York Avenue

I’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday from 10AM-7PM, and I would absolutely love to meet you guys in person if you’re in the area! I’ve never done any sort of in-person event for my Etsy shop (or anything!) like this before so I’m not at all sure what to expect, but I’m hoping to just meet some cool people, eat some good food, and have a chance to show my photography prints in person – so overall I think it’s going to be a fun time! I’m also excited to see what other vendors are there and what kind of things they have.

Artists and Fleas featured by top New York City blog York Avenue

The whole thing starts at 10AM on Saturday, so I’ll be getting there an hour earlier to set up my “booth.” It’s definitely been an eye-opening experience to see what goes into something like this – it’s a lot of work!

For the booth they give you basically a five foot by seven foot space and one wall, so I’m planning to take all of the framed prints you see here and create a little mini gallery wall on the brick wall behind my table. Never mind that I have no idea how to drill into brick and, come to think of it, have never used a drill in my life…it’ll work out somehow!

They also provide you with a small table and chair, and…that’s about it! So it’s really up to the individual to make their booth their own. I’m keeping it really simple with just a white linen tablecloth from West Elm to cover the table, and wicker baskets to hold the prints.

There have been a lot of little details to take care of, from getting a Square credit card reader, to applying for a certificate to charge sales tax, to finding the correct sizes of plastic sleeves and backing board to hold the prints, to getting new business cards, and more! It’s been interesting to see what goes into something like this. I honestly have no idea if I’ll even sell a single print, but the opportunity came to me and I didn’t want to pass it up, because who knows? I’m looking at it as an experiment/interesting experience and I’m excited to see how it all goes. I hope to see a few of you there!

Artists and Fleas Williamsburg

70 North 7th Street

Saturday May 18 and Sunday May 19, 10AM-7PM

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  1. Dorothy wrote:

    Love the prints and they are even more beautiful in person. Good luck with the show, it sounds like a really good one.

    Published 5.15.19 · Reply