Dessert First

How adorable is Anne Thornton? She has a show on Food Network called Dessert First, and she makes the most delectable goodies, like Salted Caramel Banana MacaronsNutella Banana Brioche Bread Pudding, and Mini Cherry Pies. She takes some complicated pastry techniques and makes them very accessible for the home cook. Plus, she just seems really fun and passionate about what she does.

She also wears VERY cute outfits on the show, and has the nicest collection of pastel colored dishes and cookware on her set. In addition to all THAT, she is besties with Nate Berkus!

RIP, Nate Berkus show.

Fabulous fudge via Anne’s FB page

Cookie dough truffles Anne made on the Nate Berkus show-I tried my hand at these and they came out delish!

Adorable, pastry chef, friends with Nate Berkus. Um, could I love her any more? Hers is the only show I’m actually aware of on Food Network that focuses exclusively on delectable desserts-why aren’t there more, I wonder? I’d be happy to see a whole channel devoted to the stuff! Unfortunately, her show seems to have been on hiatus for a disturbingly long time, and I’m getting a little nervous it might not be coming back. Come back, Anne!
Is anyone else a fan of the delightful Anne Thornton? Anyone know of any great pastry/dessert TV shows?
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  1. Holly wrote:

    I've never heard of her! (we don't have cable… sad) All those bites look amazing! And oh my goodness, those truffles! Your post on them looks too good to be true!!

    Published 1.28.12 · Reply
  2. She is adorable, but I would eat an insane amount of sweets if I watched that show on a regular basis!

    Published 1.28.12 · Reply
  3. Whit wrote:

    I've never seen her show but now I will definitely try to catch it! I love making desserts!!

    Published 1.29.12 · Reply
  4. Rebecca wrote:

    I don't really do desserts much, but cookie dough truffles – this woman must be heaven sent!

    Hope you had a great weekend.

    Published 1.30.12 · Reply