Design Board: A Relaxed Lake House Living Room

My friend Kirsten is completely awesome – we’ve known each other since I moved into the city and she’s always been a super huge supporter of all the things I do outside of my day job (blogging, design, photography, etc). It means so much to me. So, I was super thrilled to help out when she told me she wanted some input from me on how to decorate her new lake house upstate. I felt especially inspired when she told me was choosing the Sullivan sofa from Maiden Home to be the centerpiece of her living room – this gorgeous, cozy, sink-in-able sofa is one of my favorites as you may remember from this post. Based on that choice, I put together this design board and happily, she was thrilled with it! This is all just kind of for initial inspiration, as I put it together without any budget or measurements (every designer’s fantasy, right?). I’m excited to see how Kirsten’s decorating unfolds!

Color block pillows

Table lamps

Coffee table


Marbled pillows

Garden stool

Pharmacy lamps

Side tables

Chandelier (similar, less expensive version here).

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  1. Kirsten wrote:

    This is amazing! You did the best job – thanks, Jackie!! xx

    Published 2.23.18 · Reply
  2. Furniture and decorative pieces select are really gorgeous! All I can say is, “wow” and “love it all”

    Published 3.16.18 · Reply