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Out of all the millions of clothes I have (many of which I definitely do not need), I’m missing the most basic of items: a black dress. I literally do not own a single black dress. Now, while I would love to have every single one of the black dresses above residing in my closet (immediately), none of them are actually what I’m looking for. I really need a basic, go-anywhere, do-anything black dress. I would love if it had sleeves (either short or three-quarter), so it could work on its own all year round, and I need it to be cute enough that I actually like it, but modest enough that I could wear it to any sort of a family function.

My problem is that buying a boring black dress feels just that – boring. I’d rather buy one of the super fun dresses shown above! The only dress above that really fits the bill would be the Comptoir des Cotonniers dress (love the three-quarter sleeves and the pleat detail is just everything), but alas, the fit was off.

I’m thinking of going for this one from Boden. The scallops are fun, but at the same time it seems versatile enough to go anywhere and do anything. I was eying a similar one from Club Monaco (in navy), but the Boden version is a little cheaper and I have a gift card so…will report back!

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  1. My problem is that I do have a black dress–just one–and it is way to nice to wear to class or even to the bar on the weekends. I need to get my hands on a more casual one. I love the Club Monaco sweater dress!

    Ashley | Sunday Brunch

    Published 10.7.15 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      True, I think having a more casual and a more fancy option is probably the best way to go!

      Published 10.11.15 · Reply

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