Classic is Always in Style

Carrie and her Manolos

Here’s a really interesting New York Times article from the Sunday Styles a few weeks back about Manolo Blahnik, who became a household name via Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe addiction on Sex and the City. But fashion is nothing if not fickle, and Manolos were soon deemed un-hip by the fashion elite when the extreme, sky high stilettos of Christian Louboutin, Brian Atwood, and the like became the newest craze. It’s just about how trends are always coming and going (especially in the form of over the top, fashion-y shoes) but impeccable craftmanship and classic, ladylike styles always come back around to the top. Classic never goes out of style!

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  1. Oh I loathe the vogue for all of those hideous big platforms that are out just now, classic is best.

    Published 11.26.11 · Reply