A New Design Book on the Horizon

I’m so, so, so excited for the Elements of Style book to come out (in fall of this year…so far away!). First of all, Erin Gates, the interior designer and blogger behind Elements of Style, is just awesome. Her blog is one of the first that I ever followed and over the years it’s remained one of the very first that I click on each morning for interior design inspiration. On the blog, Erin’s impeccable design taste and amazing personal style are readily apparent, but beyond that, and what makes her really appealing, are the personal posts that she shares. In these essays, Erin really opens up about her struggles, the challenges she faces, and the things that stress her out…and honestly, they’re things that we all go through, or could imagine going through. She’s like a cool friend who, like you, wants to be perfect a la Gwyneth Paltrow, but is maybe a little more Carrie Bradshaw. She’s relatable and she’s real, two appealing qualities that unfortunately can be a bit lacking in the blog world these days. Erin lets her readers in, and I appreciate how hard that must be to do (opening yourself up to criticism from strangers), so I really admire her for it. 
Like her blog, the book is going to be personal essays mixed in with interior design projects, and I can’t think of any better combo to read from Erin. She’s a really wonderful writer with a great sense of humor, so I think this book is just going to be amazing. We’ll be getting to see photos of her sure-to-be amazing home, and other designs that she has done for clients – I cannot wait to see! And just look at that COVER! It’s got everything that’s amazing, including but not limited to that insane chair, the black and white striped spine, and that bust that I would basically sell my soul for. 
And being as obsessed with book covers as I am, I was over the moon for this post where Erin explained the process of designing the book cover/the back-and-forth and thought process that went into it – so interesting!
You can pre-order Erin’s book here. Fall can’t come soon enough! 

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! Her book looks amazing. Following her blog now 🙂


    Published 5.7.14 · Reply
  2. Erin's blog is one of the first I ever started following and it's so nice too see her success! The book cover is so chic!

    Published 5.7.14 · Reply