A Ghost Story

Nothing gets my bones good and chilled like a truly atmospheric, creeepy story, a la Edgar Allen Poe, Daphne Du Maurier, Alfred Hitchcock, etc. That’s why I was very excited to see this trailer for The Woman in Black, coming out February 3rd. It appears to have it all-a rundown, gothic mansion, a bleak, isolated landscape, a ghostly presence-and Daniel Radcliffe! Yay, I didn’t realize how much I missed good old Harry Potter until I saw him on the screen. Only watch this if you want to get a good shiver!
Doesn’t that look completely creepy? Reminds me a little bit of The Others (with Nicole Kidman) a movie I really loved. The Woman in Black is based on a book by Susan Hill, which I definitely want to read before the movie comes out!
Hope this movie turns out to be as good as it’s looking. Don’t let me down, Harry!

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  1. That movie trailer terrified me when I saw it in theatres! It looks amazing, though…

    XX Kathryn


    Published 1.14.12 · Reply