A Few Questions With…Jen of Made by Girl and Cocoa and Hearts

Anyone who remembers this old post knows how much I admire the work of Jen Ramos. Jen is the incredibly talented blogger, businesswoman, and artist behind Made by Girl, a lifestyle blog where she shares bits and pieces of her life in NYC. In addition to blogging, Jen runs two successful online stores: the Made by Girl shop, a curated collection of fashion and home objects, as well as Cocoa and Hearts, the site where she sells her AMAZING original paintings. I love the Made by Girl aesthetic-it’s feminine with the perfect amount of edge, just like Jen’s style. Jen’s blog was one of the first that I ever read, and my Cocoa and Hearts painting is the first original piece of artwork that I’ve ever owned (and remains my favorite, most show-stopping purchase to this day), so I’m very excited to have her on the blog!

Me: What inspired you to start the Made by Girl store?
Jen: I was inspired by the idea of running my own business. I had that dream for so long of one day owning my own business, but not until I put it into motion did I realize it was my passion.
Me: How would you describe the shop? 
Jen: It’s a shop that sells pretty things, mostly art for the home – with a few fashion accessories. 
Me: How do you source the lovely items that you choose to offer? 
Jen: I just look for artists that understand the business. A lot of artists who sell their products, don’t know much about wholesaling and don’t quite understand the process of making a profit. So, we try to stay away from those small business owners. I like working with smart women who offer great looking product. 
Me: Which are your most popular items? Which ones are you most fond of yourself? 
Jen: I think the most popular is our GOLD and SILVER love prints. I just love them both, and they’ve been featured on many blogs and magazines publications, I’m so grateful for those two designs! 

Me: Any unexpected moments or difficulties that you hadn’t anticipated about running your own online shop? 
Jen: Well, trying to keep a space for storage, that has proven to be a challenging task. 
Me: What’s been your favorite or most exciting moment so far since opening? 
Jen: Probably the most exciting has been, the press and the collaborations with certain companies – very rewarding! 

Me: How do you manage to balance your time between running Made by Girl blog and shop, and Cocoa and Hearts? 
Jen: Well, so far its been pretty easy because I only paint once a month. However I do take on commissions throughout the month as well for my Cocoa & Hearts clients. But because I don’t overdue it on paintings is the reason I can still run MBG properly I think.

I want to say thank you so much to Jen for being on the blog today! Be sure to check out the Made by Girl Instagram too, for a daily peek into Jen’s lovely apartment, art, and life around the city.

Here’s a favorite Cocoa and Hearts painting of mine entitled City:

You can follow Jen on Twitter to find out when Cocoa and Hearts paintings become available-but you have to act fast because they literally sell out in minutes! Jen also takes commissions if you miss out on the available pieces. 
Here’s my Cocoa and Hearts painting, which I am obsessed with:

I LOVE my Cocoa and Hearts iPhone case-I’m constantly getting compliments on it (from both guys and girls, surprisingly!):

I also have Jen’s Hello print in my entryway. Seems like the perfect piece of art to greet people at the door, don’t you think?

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Last 3 photos by Jacqueline for York Avenue. All other images by, and used courtesy of Jen Ramos

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  1. Dana wrote:

    I love these features – so inspiring!!

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  2. Alyssa wrote:

    I love (pardon) her LOVE prints. Especially that gold one!

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  3. viviana88 wrote:

    So many pretty pieces! I want them all!

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  4. Rachel Machen wrote:

    Fabulous post! I have always been obsessed with her paintings. One day, I will take the plunge and invest in one for myself!!


    Published 11.8.13 · Reply
  5. Thanks! Yes, her smaller ones are definitely affordable and so worth it. Absolutely beautiful work.

    Published 11.8.13 · Reply
  6. Me too!

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  7. Me too, I'm sure they're even prettier in person!

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  8. Thanks Dana!

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  9. Allison wrote:

    Love this stuff. Wish I could get a big one for my bedroom.

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  10. Do it!

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