A Few Questions With…Erin of Grandiflora and House of Earnest

I’m super excited for today’s A Few Questions With… feature! Erin Souder runs the lifestyle and DIY blog House of Earnest, where she shares her delicious recipes, beautiful photography, original and imaginative DIY projects, and much more (I loved her post on turning a bar cart into a hot chocolate bar for guests-so charming). She recently opened up an online decor shop called Grandiflora, and as a fan of Erin’s aesthetic and style, it’s just as lovely as I would expect. Grandiflora’s items are timeless and elegant, with exactly that organic, earthy quality that every home needs. Even cooler-they’re all custom designed by Erin herself! I have such a huge admiration for anyone that produces things that are completely original and one-of-a-kind, so I was really happy when Erin agreed to give readers a little peek behind the scenes of her creative process. 

Me: Can you tell us a little about how your background at work and in blogging led you to start Grandiflora?
Erin: I am a product developer by trade, meaning that I take the visions of a designer and actually go through the process of how to get them produced on a large scale. I interact daily with factories and apparel agents to create prototypes for the designs. This is so similar to what I do in blogging as well. An idea is sparked, but needs to be carried out – and in a way that readers will be able to reproduce. Thinking beyond creating something and into how someone else can create it is a challenge that I love. These two things have made it very seamless to start my own home + decor product line. I have ideas for designs and have them produced by some of the best craftsman in the industry. It’s crazy to see my visions come to life!

Me: How do you go about designing the products and having them produced?
Erin: My ideas are partially based on necessity (something that I think is lacking or needed in the market) and half based on trend and style. I put together little packets of sketches, color examples, size requirements, etc and send them to a factory. They’ll send back a prototype based on my sketch and we’ll go back and forth for a couple of prototypes until the product is perfect. Then, we start production and about 60 days later, it hits the website.
Me: How would you describe the overall aesthetic of the shop?
Erin: Simple, Natural, Luxe. It’s hard to find good, stylish pieces out there that are designed to be simple, but impactful. I find especially that people who are just embarking upon styling their first homes are in need of things that are cool and more mature, but aren’t stuffy. That’s an area I’d like to fill.  

Me: How did you come up with the name Grandiflora?
Erin: I took botany classes in collage and fell in love with the Magnolia Grandiflora. It produces these giant white blooms which are the epitome of a luxurious, natural aesthetic. The feeling of an unpretentious splendor is what I wanted to capture.
Me: What are your favorite items?
Erin: Eek, that’s a hard one. I love the Signe Lamp, the Lucia Stool and the Confetti Glassware. I think the three together really showcase the style of the brand.

Me: What have been the most exciting moments so far since launching the shop?
Erin: I have relished in the little tasks that build a brand. From making the idea book to figuring out the packaging… it’s all so fun! I think above all, however, my first photo shoot for the product was surreal.  
Me: Any unexpected moments or difficulties that you hadn’t anticipated about running your own online shop?
Erin: I honestly didn’t expect so much time spent packing and shipping! I think as we grow, that would be the first position I would hire for!
Me: Where do you hope to see Grandiflora go in the future?
Erin: I see Grandiflora becoming a brand that is synonymous with certain signature pieces, but a place that will always have something truly unique as well. I hope to one day see my designs in high end decor and furnishings shops around the world!

Thank you so much to Erin for being on the blog today! I love that she said she wanted to evoke an “unpretentious splendor,” in the naming of her shop-what a wonderful, lovely inspiration to work off of. I really am smitten with the natural, rustic, but still luxurious aesthetic that Erin has cultivated with Grandiflora and House of Earnest-I can’t wait to see what wonderful things she creates next! 

all images owned by, and used courtesy of, Erin Souder

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  1. love everything!!!

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  2. houseofearnest wrote:

    Thank you for such a thoughtful interview! I am happy to be sharing with your readers!!

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  3. Thanks for being on Erin! I loved reading your answers. Happy holidays!

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  4. Allie Mackin wrote:

    Great interview! I popped over to her blog and site and both were great/ Lots of super cool DIY projects.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC


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  5. Thanks Allie, I'm glad you liked it! So true, her site has tons of awesome DIY's. I need to try some!

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