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Guys, today is Macaron Day and not gonna lie, I kinda wish I had the day off from work to run around the city sampling free macarons. My only consolation is the fact that I did stuff my face with macarons earlier in the week when I was at Ladurée in Soho, so I must admit, I’m probably set for the time being. Check here to get all the details on where you can snag free macarons today (and thanks to Elana and my friend Lauren for giving me the heads-up!).

For my second article as a Domino contributor, I wrote about some creative ways to decorate with books! You can check it out here.

After waiting impatiently for A Little Life to come out, I’m excited that it’s finally here! This is the sophomore effort from author Hanya Yanagihara, whose first book really struck me. I mean, it was unsettling and dealt in some seriously unpleasant/disturbing subject matter, but as a book, it was gripping, and surprising, and one of the best I’d read in a long time. I think Yanagihara is an excellent, excellent author, and after reading this review, I’m really expecting A Little Life to be something impactful. One of the five-star Amazon reviews simply says “It will destroy you.” It might sound weird that that attracts me to a book, but it does – I like books that make me feel something, and I think an author has to be pretty damn talented to achieve that. Plus you have to admit, the cover is pretty striking in and of itself.

A few weeks back I actually cooked something healthy (shocker): this pad thai from elephantine. It was really good and super easy…I added shrimp but it barely even needed it.

Speaking of elephantine, remember when I interviewed Rachel about her charming kitchen shop, Mignon Kitchen Co. ? Well, recently she renamed it simply Mignon, redesigned the site, and expanded the offerings to include a wider range of products such as stationery, desk accessories, and more (she still has the adorable kitchen stuff, like my beloved spice labels). The new site is so pretty (of course), and I’m dyingggg for this bright and cheery tea towel! Rachel has excellent taste and a beautiful aesthetic, and her shop certainly reflects that.

Really looking forward to checking out this exhibition at the New York School of Interior Design about landmarked New York City spaces. I’m kind of obsessed with “old New York,” and the school is actually really close to my apartment, so it’s perfect!

Remember when I wrote about my love for Jana Bek’s hand-painted brush stroke lamps? Well, she’s started making them in metallics (gorgeous), and you can enter to win one on SMP Living!

I didn’t shop for clothes all of January and February (kind of proud!), but this month I decided to purchase a simple and chic swim coverup from J. Crew. It’s made of a substantial, non see-through cotton, which I love, and it has just the right amount of detail to make it special.

Proof that great design doesn’t have to cost a lot: designers share their favorite Ikea finds.

Loving  this candle…with the black and white and the splatter-esque abstract swirls, it’s seriously up my alley.

Obsessed with decluttering lately: here’s a good article on how to declutter your home for good.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Katie wrote:

    I love when you have book recommendations. Now I can’t wait to read “A Little Life” thanks to your introduction to it.

    Published 3.20.15 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      I always love “chatting” books! I’ll definitely post a review when I finish 🙂

      Published 3.21.15 · Reply
  2. Dana wrote:

    Happy Friday!!

    Published 3.20.15 · Reply
  3. Jana wrote:

    Jackie, how sweet are you! Thanks again for the love! Please email me first if you would every like to place an order, your support is so greatly appreciated! Gorgeous photo by the way! XX jana

    Published 3.20.15 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      You’re too sweet, Jana! xoxo

      Published 3.21.15 · Reply
  4. Holly K wrote:

    Macaron day?? How did I not know? I’ll have to go find some stat 😉

    Pop by my blog GoesLightly.com for a Kate Spade giveaway:)

    Published 3.20.15 · Reply
    • York Avenue wrote:

      Thanks Holly! Have a great weekend 🙂

      Published 3.21.15 · Reply
  5. Lovely photo 🙂
    Maria V.

    Published 3.23.15 · Reply