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Hello and welcome to the weekend. Yay! No solid plans over here, but I am hoping to finish my Unit Three project for my design course (or ya know, start it anyway) – it’s all about space planning/furniture arrangement, furniture styles, and warm and cool colors, among other things…also planning to get outside some because it’s supposed to be unseasonably warm (ahh, global warming). Also planning to finish this book because it is killing me – talk about a page turner! I am DYING to know what the heck is going on. Oh, and did anyone watch the first episode of Big Little Lies on HBO? So good!

This week’s links – enjoy: 

Great networking tips for bloggers.

Psyched for this new book coming out in August! Still have to read her first one though.

Pretty sure this adorable sweater is a little twee for me, but I kind of love it.

This tee, on the other hand, has a similar detail but I think I can pull this one off (right?).

This bouquet from my favorite floral brand is SO pretty!

The United States of Books.

Love this darkly dramatic living room makeover.

Admittedly went a little crazy at Asos over the weekend – I ordered this for summer (obsessed with it), this for dates (like, the three that I go on per year), and this pretty smock top – I love the color.

The new American Boy Doll…a step in the right direction or…not so much?

This cozy, white-washed and light-filled apartment makes me want to move to Chicago.

Some gorgeous art here – I especially love London Garden.

Check out page 36 of this issue of Daily Front Row for a feature on Julie Houts (if you’re not following her Insta, you’re seriously missing out!).

Author and fellow Upper East Sider Julian North recently reached out to me to share his newly released novel Age of Order, which drew comparisons to The Hunger Games and Harry Potter from Kirkus Reviews (pretty impressive!). I think the book sounds great (and it’s getting amazing reviews on Amazon), so I asked Julian share a bit more about the inspiration that led him to writing it:

Age of Order was inspired by my experiences fighting to get my two young children into school in my adopted home on the UES of New York City. You could say that the book was born out of anger as I confronted the notion that someone could make a judgment about my children through a computer test, or during a twenty minute play group. I wrote to blow off steam. But what started as therapy evolved into a vessel to discuss the unfairness, inequality, and occasional brilliance I saw around me through my favorite medium: dystopian science-fiction. My frustration became dialogue, and from the dialogue grew the characters. Many of them turned out to be high school students–gifted ones–many from elite backgrounds. Others were not so fortunate. Some were better human beings than others, but all of them were flawed, as we all are. Over about four months, their story unfolded and became Age of Order. It’s brand new, and I’m a first-time author, but I’ve been overwhelmed by the response so far. Check the book out on Amazon or at learn more at my website juliannorth.com.”

Congrats to Julian – let me know if any of you decide to check out the book! Hope you all have a great weekend.

photography by Jacqueline Clair

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  1. Marine wrote:

    Thanks Jacky! The appartment in Chicago is stunning – but how can one move every year for 5 years?! I need my little habits, adapting all the time to new neighbourhood must be exhausting!
    The book looks excellent, thanks for the tip! I might even be one of the first readers in Europe since it’s also available on Kindle 🙂
    Have a nice and warm weekend!

    Published 2.24.17 · Reply