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Agree or disagree: There are tons of interviews, podcasts, and stories floating around on the Internet about people who hate their day job, quit, become an entrepreneur in a creative space, and live happily ever after. But what happens when you start a full-time business on your own, meet some success – but then realize that you actually prefer having a traditional full-time job? Jess Lively explores all of that in her podcast interview with letterpress designer Melissa Gruntkosky, and I found it to be an interesting perspective.

In a similar vein, this thought-provoking article resonated with me in a lot of ways.

My friend Elana interviewed me on her blog, where we talk a bit about work, NYC, and design.

Arianna Belle is not only my favorite resource for pillows, she’s also a great designer in her own right! I love how her One Room Challenge room turned out.

So you know how you’re constantly hearing the health benefits of dark chocolate touted – and how foodies kind of turn their noses up at milk chocolate and sanctify dark? Well, I happen to hate dark chocolate as much as I like milk chocolate, so I was super interested to see that in Ireland, milk chocolate reigns supreme. Just another reason I really, really need to go (besides the accents). Warning: don’t read this without some chocolate at hand, because it will surely make you crave some (or a lot).

More. Chocolate. I loved this peek into the chocolate making process at Compartés in LA (gorgeous pictures, too).

The Modern Love column in the New York Times is kind of hit-or-miss for me, but this. Omg, this. If you’re single and somewhere in the vicinity of my age, just read it and tell me you don’t crack up and/or relate completely.

I’m a big fan of Jayson Home, and I loved their Store Tour on Emily Henderson’s blog. You you get some behind the biz info on how they source items, what inspires them, and more. Now they just need to open in NYC!

The tree at the New York Palace Hotel is so gorgeous (and a great alternative to the tourist-crowded Rockefeller Center tree) – I loved Krista’s pictures of it!

The holiday season is a fun and festive time for many, but for others who struggle with hunger and poverty, it’s a time of deprivation. City Harvest is scaling up its work during the holiday season with the goal of delivering 14 million pounds of food, free of charge, to New Yorkers in need. You can help by donating food, volunteering your time, or making a general donation to their Feed Our People campaign.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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