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I had been searching for a good tote bag for the last few months-something really lightweight, large enough to hold stuff like a newspaper, a book, some purchases if I was shopping- but not as large as the one I use for groceries. Just something I could use while out and about around the city running errands or shopping. Then I came across this interesting article in a recent New York Times Sunday Styles about how cotton tote bags are replacing designer purses as the newest “It” bag. As the article points out, with a cotton tote bag you can make a statement about something you’re interested in-whether it’s a philanthropic cause like Lauren Bush’s FEED bags, or a MOMA bag like SJP sports above. Like a lightbulb going off, I realized a simple cotton tote was just the thing I was looking for! These bags are just so casual and un-pretentious, plus they’re strong and they hold a ton, making them the perfect urban accessory.

When I saw this cool Penguin one I just grabbed it up on an impulse. I love Penguin classics and I just like the simplicity of this:

And when my sister went to Scotland last year, she picked up this cool Marks and Spencer organic cotton Twiggy tote for my Mom:

Unfortunately, my Mom is not likely to give that one up anytime soon!

And look, the head of the most fashionable design house in the world was even seen rocking one with a very important message:

How funny is that? Nice to know he doesn’t take himself TOO seriously!

What do you guys think of cotton totes?

Sources: 1, 2&3 by Jackie for York Avenue, 4

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  1. they are super comfortable… i love them!!!

    Published 12.28.11 · Reply
  2. Sally wrote:

    I love totes but I have wayyyy too many. Once saw a DIY that suggested sewing them into throw pillows. I'm hoping to get around to it one of these days!

    Published 12.28.11 · Reply
  3. Lisa Marie wrote:

    'Karl Who' is seriously cracking me up! What I like about tote bags is that you can 'advertise' who you are in a way – by supporting a charity or picking one that represents something you love, like your penguin bag!!

    Published 12.28.11 · Reply
  4. Love cotton totes, I usually carry my "gifted" Kiehls one.
    Cute blog definitely worth a follow through Bloglovin, will be looking forward to your posts.

    Published 12.28.11 · Reply
  5. i actually laughed at the last picture!


    Published 12.28.11 · Reply
  6. I love cotton totes and the last picture! Following your blog and can't wait to see more posts!


    Published 12.28.11 · Reply
  7. My mom uses lots of cotton totes and loves them! I love the Penguin one! xoxo

    Published 12.28.11 · Reply
  8. Nicole wrote:

    Cotton totes are so adorable & so chic yet also easy to carry! Definitely on the search for a cute one starting: now. hehe


    Published 12.28.11 · Reply
  9. bevy wrote:

    That twiggy tote is totes cute! Glad to hear I don't have to spend all my money on a designer bag now, just a stylish tote!

    Thanks for visiting my blog recently! I'm happy to see new readers!

    Published 12.29.11 · Reply
  10. They are so practical and often more environmentally friendly too. Good to hear they are the new it bag!

    Published 12.29.11 · Reply
  11. just me wrote:

    like them and also looking for tote bag 😉


    Published 12.29.11 · Reply
  12. jenn wrote:

    hi i thought i would let you know i am selling a bag exactly like the one you got your mum if you know anyone interested in the twiggy bag,

    Published 3.11.17 · Reply