How I Want to Dress this Spring

I mentioned last week that Gap and Old Navy have some great offerings currently, and it occurred to me that they’re exemplifying exactly the way that I want to dress this spring. Here’s what I want to wear as the weather warms up (luckily, I already have some of this in my closet already!): 


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Gap and Old Navy are always having crazy sales – right now at Old Navy it’s 25% off any amount, 30% off $75, and 40% off $100 with code SAVEMORE, plus free returns on all orders.

Don’t forget, you can also get 4% cash back on any purchase at the Gap (and other retailers), by using Ebates. All you do is find the retailer you want to shop from on Ebates and click on it. You’re automatically rerouted to the regular merchant site to shop, and you make a percentage back on your purchase – kind of like credit card points. I realize this sounds like a big commercial, but I honestly love Ebates and use it every time I buy anything online. I’ve made over a thousand dollars this way just by making normal online purchases that I was going to make anyway! Pretty awesome.


  1. Leslie says: March 16, 2016

    This is such a great idea to have some style inspiration for the spring! I’m five months postpartum and still struggling to find a flattering and practical look, so I will definitely take a little time to find some looks that I want to aspire to. I love some of these!

  2. Alexis/This Beauiful Balance says: March 17, 2016

    You’re not gonna like what I have to say, but pairing a fitted cropped top with gauzy wide leg pants keeps it from looking to PJ-ish. Last year when I went to India I purchased a pair of flowy light weight, wide leg pants that had a high waist, and wore them a lot with a fitted cropped T. I think it kept things from looking too hippie-ish, and there wasn’t any belly being shone.

    Also, LOVE Ebates! I think I made 25 dollars from them just for doing my regular Christmas shopping online, that I would already have been doing anyway!

  3. dinah says: March 18, 2016

    check out this film and tell me what you think:

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