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Everlane u neck tee

Lately all I ever want to wear is my Everlane U-Neck tee. I know it sounds strange, but when I look into my closet everything else feels annoyingly fussy, unflattering, and hard to style. Does this mean that I’ve adopted a super-chic, minimalist, city-girl style? Or that I’ve given up a la a soccer mom living in sweats? Place your vote in the comments.
All kidding aside, I think it’s due in large part to the fact that I wear scrubs every day and have completely forgotten how to dress myself. Style is like a muscle, and mine is sorely underused…I just want to buy ten Everlane tees and wear them every time I go out. I mean hey, as long as I pair my tee with skinny jeans, cute flats, and a great bag, I should be good to go, right?
The U-Neck tee really is the best t-shirt in the world, I have to say. I’ve got it in white and black and I’ve found myself reaching for the black most often. The u-neck shows just the perfect amount of skin and I find it more flattering than a v-neck. The fabric is not see-through (even on the white), yet it’s still lightweight. The best thing about it though, is the fit. Whereas most t-shirts are a little clingy at the bottom, this one is somewhat loose at the bottom, and I’ve found that this makes all the difference in getting that slouchy, flattering, slightly unkempt look. I used to think J. Crew’s vintage cotton tees were best, but they’ve now been ousted by the Everlane U-Neck. My hope is that they’ll put out a charcoal gray version, but in the meantime I might have to spring for the navy. Oh and did I mention that the thing costs SIXTEEN DOLLARS? That’s what a tee shirt should cost! Not $40 and not $100. Thank you, Everlane!  


  1. Dana says: March 14, 2014

    Ohh I am definitely going to have to try this out! Have a great Friday!!

  2. Natalia { All the Things, etc } says: March 14, 2014

    I've heard such great things about Everlane tees. I love when tees are slightly more fitted at the top and then flow AWAY from any love handles, so I need to get one for myself! For sixteen dollars, WHY NOT?!

  3. Hunter says: March 14, 2014

    Love it! I really need to check this tee out!

    Prep on a Budget

  4. Jen Mclaughlin says: March 14, 2014

    Ah, thank you for posting about Everlane tees! I've been admiring their tees for awhile now but haven't bought one yet. I love the "slouchy pocket tee" as well. May I ask what size you ordered? I can't decide if I should order a small or medium.

    xx, jen

    1. Jackie {York Avenue} says: March 14, 2014

      Hey Jen! I got a medium, which is my usual size in tops. They don't shrink in the dryer either, which is great. Hope that helps!

  5. Monica {Cake and Lilies} says: March 14, 2014

    Everlane has become my FAVORITE! I got the U neck a couple of months ago and I end up washing it every time I do laundry because I can't seem to take it off. Neeeeeed more, ASAP!

    1. Jackie {York Avenue} says: March 14, 2014

      Same! I totally agree 🙂

  6. Rebecca Spencer says: March 14, 2014

    A well cut tee does not mean you're a soccer mom!

  7. Bhreagh says: March 14, 2014

    What a great tee! They're so hard to find and I'm definitely taking your word for it and ordering one. For $16.00 I may get two 🙂


    1. Jackie {York Avenue} says: March 14, 2014

      Yay! I hope you love them 🙂

  8. Rachel {Love This Life} says: March 14, 2014

    I love a colorful, fun top, but I agree, I have been gravitating to plain blouses, sweaters, and tees. I haven't tried Everlane, but I keep meaning to! Are the U-tees a tighter or looser fit? I love the slate color!

    1. Jackie {York Avenue} says: March 14, 2014

      They're very loose (but not swingy). Not tight at all!

  9. Chantelle says: March 15, 2014

    my friend loves these tees, I think I should jump on the train too

  10. Cara says: April 23, 2014

    No problem 🙂 Also, just got the tees today and they are AMAZING! Thanks again for posting…. its a rarity to come across quality, reasonably priced tee shirts 🙂

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