Lookalike for Less: PJ Edition

For your Sunday morning, here are two cute pj sets I love from J. Crew, along with less expensive, almost identical options from Victoria’s Secret!

J. Crew Flannel Pajamas in Polka Dot:

94.50 for the set

Victoria’s Secret The Dreamer Flannel Pajama:

49.50 for the full set-that’s the price of just the J. Crew top!

 J. Crew Union Suit in Stripe:


Victoria’s Secret Fireside Thermal Long Jane in pink/black metallic stripe:

49.50-not THAT much cheaper, but this is two pieces instead
of one-more bang for the buck!


  1. Elle Sees says: December 18, 2011

    i love this look for less! i hope you have a great weekend and stop by sometime!

  2. sampenner says: December 19, 2011

    great finds! I love VS PJs… so comfy!



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