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Hey, hey, and happy almost weekend! This week, I:

Went to a fun cocktail party celebrating the opening of the Upper East Side Sugarfina boutique.

Shipped the first order out from my Etsy shop – so exciting- and thank you SO MUCH to everyone who left a kind comment and message. You guys are amazing!

Started listening to Big Little Lies after kinda giving up on She’s Come Undone…it just didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Should I stick with it? Big Little Lies is good so far!

Weekend links, right this way:

1 // An interesting budgeting strategy that I’ve sort of considered before but never actually did.

2 // Loved seeing Aerin Lauder featured on The Coveteur – funny fact: one of the dresses featured is actually the dress she was wearing when I saw her at What’s New What’s Next…so random!

3 // Have you ever heard of Microblading, for your eyebrows? Olivia mentioned it on her Snapchat and I was intrigued…I’ve never considered permanent makeup, but this fades after two years and my eyebrows could really use some (a lot of, actually) oomph! I’m not seriously considering it at the moment but definitely something to keep in the back of mind.

4 // Speaking of brows, I made my way over to Sephora last weekend and got one of the girls to help me (they’re great over there), and she filled in my brows with an Anastasia brow pencil. The difference was amazing – turns out I needed a way darker color than I’ve been using for the past few years.

5 // Really like this striped tee from Old Navy – the black detailing gives it a little edge. I think it would be perfect for the plane to London but my friend found it first and she refuses to let me copy her. Womp, womp.

6 // Came across this article on Camille Styles about career boosts you can undertake for little money, and it got me onto Skillshare. I’d definitely heard of it before but never taken a class – have you guys? It’s amazing! I bookmarked a bunch of classes about improving photography and after watching two, I feel like I’ve already been opened up to worlds I barely knew existed in terms of editing and other things. If you use this link you can get three months for only 99 cents! Pretty awesome.

7 // Excited that Erin Gates has created a home line! Can’t wait to see the whole thing when it officially launches in October.

8 // Ya know that giant Mark Bittman book How to Cook Everything that everyone has (well, my Dad has, anyway)? Well, in October How to Bake Everything is coming out…that will need to be joining my personal cookbook collection (which I sadly rarely use because hashtag lazy and and hashtag Seamless).

photography by Jacqueline Clair


  1. Krystal // The Krystal Diaries says: September 23, 2016

    I’ve seen microblading on a few Snapchats and I usually like the results I see but I am way too scared to ever do it myself.

  2. Will says: September 23, 2016

    Old Navy really does have some fantastic pieces that are so affordably priced. Not long now until your big trip to London, sooooo exciting!

  3. Maria Fernanda says: September 23, 2016

    I’ve done a couple of courses on skill share and I love it. I watched a couple of hand lettering ones, some cooking ones, but my favorite so far is a photoshop one.

  4. Delaney says: September 24, 2016

    I really liked Big Little Lies! It was a pretty fun little read.

  5. Amanda @ Anchored to Sunshine says: September 25, 2016

    I’ve never read She’s Come Undone, but Big Little Lies is a perfect book to pick up! I read it for book club and I’m pretty sure everyone loved it (which is hard to have happen sometimes haha)

  6. Erica says: October 3, 2016

    I’ve heard of Skillshare, but haven’t taken any classes. I’d love to know which photography ones you found helpful. I need all the help I can get!

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