Museum at FIT

The Museum at FIT feels like a hidden gem to me. They put on really beautiful and informative exhibitions, similar to the Met Costume Exhibitions (though much smaller scale of course), and it seems to me like they don’t get much attention! I’ve seen two exhibitions here – one was Fairy Tale Fashion, exploring the role of fashion in fairy tales and what it can represent about the characters (Cinderella’s glass slipper, Little Red Riding Hood’s robe), the way designers pull from fairy tales, and the way that fashion journalism discusses fashion as fairy tale. More recently I visited their Dior/Balenciaga exhibition, which had beautiful examples of designs from both houses and compared and contrasted the two designers. Both were great! I highly recommend taking a look at what they’ve got on, and if you do visit, make sure to take a walk along the High Line afterwards – it’s very close by. Perfect afternoon outing!