No Regrets

Continuing my little week of art here, this is the piece that I hung in my entryway:

I am in love with the black and gold colors of this piece. Since I’m WAY too chicken to ever have a black painted statement wall, this is pretty much the next best thing to me, and the large scale covers perfectly the ugly little utility door (major eyesore) that lives on this wall. I have to say, this piece looks a lot better in person-unfortunately my entryway is super narrow and tough to photograph. Oh and also, could the sentiment be any more uplifting? It means No, I do not regret anything-it’s from an old song, as my framer pointed out to me. Here’s the photograph of this print from the Sarah and Bendrix Etsy shop:
Isn’t it just gorgeous?
I also put up my New York print from Rifle Paper Co.:
This picture is just so freakin’ adorable I can hardly stand it. It looks even better in person that I expected! I might move it out of that spot, but for now this is where it’s living.

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  1. I love that print. I'll be showing it to my boyfriend asap! I have a habit of purchasing more feminine prints but I think this is a good compromise of the two. And I love where you placed it in your house. Like an homage right before you walk out the door.

    Published 3.15.12 · Reply
  2. Alexa wrote:

    Adore that NO Regrets print. It is stunningly gorgeous.

    Published 3.15.12 · Reply
  3. i love that print… it's amazing!

    Published 3.15.12 · Reply
  4. Holly wrote:

    The entry is the perfect place for that little reminder! Such a great print

    Published 3.15.12 · Reply
  5. miss b wrote:

    Love both the prints – I know the song by Edith Piaf – and the black frames look so chic too.

    Published 3.16.12 · Reply
  6. such cute pictures! I love the New York one.

    Published 3.20.12 · Reply
  7. Love! I've been wanting to get my hands on the first, but literally I have nowhere to put it! It's gorgeous. And how fun the NY illustration is! Rifle is so good.

    Published 3.20.12 · Reply
  8. elena wrote:

    Got the "no regrets' poster. LOVE it!

    Published 6.19.12 · Reply