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10 Step Tutorial to Make a Custom Google Map for Your Next Trip

When I mentioned last week that I had created a custom Google map for my upcoming Paris trip, a reader named Cara asked for a tutorial – so here it is! At first I was pretty intimidated by the My Maps feature on Google and didn’t understand how to use it – when … Read more ››

Puerto Rico, Part Two: Colorful Streets of Old San Juan

As promised, today I’ve got the rest of my pictures from our time spent exploring Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. The colorful buildings were so charming and I had a great time wandering around with my camera. Word of advice if you are visiting Old San Juan – bring a … Read more ››

Puerto Rico, Part One: La Concha Renaissance San Juan

Before I get into today’s post – whoa! Did all of you watch Big Little Lies last night? So. Good! I feel like the series got better and better as it went on, and last night’s episode was so beautifully shot and amazingly acted, like a movie in itself. Atmospheric … Read more ››

Paris Photo Essays: Les Invalides

What do you know…I still have some Paris photos left that I didn’t get around to posting! These are just a few from the day that we went to the 7th arrondissement (also known as Les Invalides, I think?), on the Left Bank, so we could visit this thing called … Read more ››

Paris Photo Essays: Versailles (Part Deux)

I want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to comment and share their opinion on my last post. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, I know we can all agree this is a tumultous time in the US, and it just seemed wrong not … Read more ››

Paris Photo Essays: Versailles (Part Un)

Time for some pictures from Versailles! Going through and editing these is getting me so excited to go back to Paris. Versailles was pretty amazing. I mentioned it on Instagram, but the most flabbergasting thing about it was how big it was. Not just how big the chateau was, but the grounds – … Read more ››

Checking In + Exciting News!

First of all, I wanted to say a quick sorry for being a spotty blogger lately! Life, ya know. So many things I want to do (like blog, plus a million other things) and need to do (like, clean my apartment, and a million other things), and yet all I … Read more ››

Paris Photo Essays: Palais-Royal

I’d seen so many pictures of the Palais-Royal online before visiting Paris, and seeing it in person was such a pleasure.  The actual building known as the Palais-Royal was built around 1629 as a palace for royalty – nowadays it houses government offices, a theatre, restaurants, and shops. Besides the … Read more ››

Photo Essays: Paris Wandering

Happy New Year! Continuing with some Paris photos today, and I also wanted to share a few details of the food tour we took in Montmartre, in case any of you are planning trips yourself. So, as mentioned above, we took a food tour through Montmartre on our first full … Read more ››

Paris Photo Essays: Jardin du Luxembourg

Excited to finally be sharing some Paris photos! Ahh, Paris. Overall I was just blown away by the beauty of the city. I mean, we all know how beautiful it is…but seeing it in person was unreal. It almost looked like a movie…every street was just what you picture in … Read more ››