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Kips Bay Showhouse 2017: Kate Singer’s Sitting Room

Ever since seeing Kate Singer’s living room at last year’s Hampton Designer Showhouse, I’ve been a huge fan (I think we stayed in that room for like, an hour, just taking in all of the details). So I was delighted to see her sitting room at the Kips Bay Showhouse this … Read more ››

Kips Bay Showhouse 2017: Ken Fulk’s Magical Menagerie

Another favorite for me in the 2017 Kips Bay Showhouse was Ken Fulk’s (watch out, there’s audio on that link!) dining room – aka, the Magical Menagerie. For this room, the designer had in mind a glamorous, aging grand dame in her Upper East Side abode circa the 1960’s. What I … Read more ››

Kips Bay Showhouse 2017: The Glamorous Drawing Room by Kirsten Kelli

Over the weekend I went with my mom to visit the 2017 Kips Bay Showhouse. In case you haven’t heard of it, a showhouse is basically where they get a bunch of different interior designers to each decorate one room of a house, and then it stays up for a … Read more ››

5 Tips for Styling a Small Space Entryway

Those of us who live in small spaces count our lucky stars if we have an entryway – or at least a space where you can fashion an entryway of sorts! This is one of the things that I love about my current apartment – there’s a little cutout area in the … Read more ››

Spring in the Etsy Shop

Blossoms in Central Park Spring has sprung in Central Park – seemingly overnight! Trees are blooming, flowers have popped up, birds are singing…it’s the most wonderful time of the year. I popped over to the Park yesterday after work to take a few pictures and enjoy the gorgeous weather, and … Read more ››

Studio Visit: Rebecca Atwood Designs

One of the best things about blogging is the people you meet, who you never would without Instagram/the Internet…and the really best is when you finally meet in person and they’re as great as you thought they would be! Case in point: last week I finally got together with interior designer … Read more ››

Spring Favorites from Aerin + Some Thoughts on Mixing High and Low

Something I firmly believe is that, as the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. In design, that means that adding in a few high-end, luxurious, quality accents can elevate any space – even if most of your main pieces are from Ikea. I’ve done this in my own apartment … Read more ››

Designer I Love: Ben Pentreath

When I went to London, one of the top places that I had in mind to visit was Pentreath & Hall, a decor store on Rugby Street co-founded by Ben Pentreath. Ben is a London based designer who creates interiors that are eclectic, cozy, and feel quintessentially English, with modern touches … Read more ››

My Inspiration Board + Apartment Rearranging

I’m one of those people who, as a kid, was always changing the furniture around in my bedroom – trying new arrangements, making my parents move various vintage pieces they had on hand into my space, etc. And as much as I love my current apartment and am super lucky to live … Read more ››

Knockoffs, Replicas and Reproductions…Yay or Nay?

A while back I came across an article where ten designers were sounding off on knockoffs of iconic design pieces, and I thought it was an interesting topic. I never really had any strong negative feelings about knockoffs, but reading this made me think about them in a different way. Unsurprisingly, the designers, for the most … Read more ››