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Around Here Lately

Today, a few things I’ve been loving lately and meaning to share: First up, the adorable illustration above, which was a birthday present to me from my sister Ali – a custom piece she commissioned from artist Melissa Luster. After seeing her profiled on my blog, Ali asked Melissa to create this fun rendering of … Read more ››

A Few Good Links

Did anyone see Get Out? I was hearing so much buzz about it that I took off early from work and went to see it with my friend on Wednesday. It was really good – great performances from everyone but especially Allison Williams and Daniel Kaluuya…thought-provoking, with a few scares. … Read more ››

Paris Photo Essays: Les Invalides

What do you know…I still have some Paris photos left that I didn’t get around to posting! These are just a few from the day that we went to the 7th arrondissement (also known as Les Invalides, I think?), on the Left Bank, so we could visit this thing called … Read more ››

Spring Favorites from Aerin + Some Thoughts on Mixing High and Low

Something I firmly believe is that, as the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. In design, that means that adding in a few high-end, luxurious, quality accents can elevate any space – even if most of your main pieces are from Ikea. I’ve done this in my own apartment … Read more ››

A Few Good Links

Who else is excited to see Beauty and the Beast this weekend? I’m going on Sunday and I can’t wait! Also excited for brunch at Cafe Americano, a new-ish restaurant on the Upper East Side – I’m sure I’ll Instagram it so follow along over there and I’ll let you … Read more ››

Photo Essays: Snowfall in Central Park

If you follow any New Yorkers on Instagram, you probably know that we had a March snowstorm in NYC yesterday. Predicted to be 12-18 inches, we wound up with only 7 – but I don’t think anybody was complaining too much! I was happy because after our February snowstorm I (finally) bought … Read more ››

Designer I Love: Ben Pentreath

When I went to London, one of the top places that I had in mind to visit was Pentreath & Hall, a decor store on Rugby Street co-founded by Ben Pentreath. Ben is a London based designer who creates interiors that are eclectic, cozy, and feel quintessentially English, with modern touches … Read more ››

A Few Good Links + My Next Trip…

Guess what? I’m going to Puerto Rico at the end of the month! So excited for some warm air, sunshine, and most of all, to stroll the colorful streets of Old San Juan. It’s the historic colonial section of San Juan, and it’s actually a National Historic District Landmark. My friend Will … Read more ››

My Inspiration Board + Apartment Rearranging

I’m one of those people who, as a kid, was always changing the furniture around in my bedroom – trying new arrangements, making my parents move various vintage pieces they had on hand into my space, etc. And as much as I love my current apartment and am super lucky to live … Read more ››

Knockoffs, Replicas and Reproductions…Yay or Nay?

A while back I came across an article where ten designers were sounding off on knockoffs of iconic design pieces, and I thought it was an interesting topic. I never really had any strong negative feelings about knockoffs, but reading this made me think about them in a different way. Unsurprisingly, the designers, for the most … Read more ››