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What I Read in January

The Assistants: I liked this one a lot. It was a quick, easy read, but with some substance. It’s being turned into a movie and it kind of felt like I was reading a movie, but that doesn’t necessarily bother me. The Anatomy of Dreams: Hmm. I kind of liked this … Read more ››

A Few Good Links

Hello and welcome to the weekend. Yay! No solid plans over here, but I am hoping to finish my Unit Three project for my design course (or ya know, start it anyway) – it’s all about space planning/furniture arrangement, furniture styles, and warm and cool colors, among other things…also planning to … Read more ››

Blogging Behind the Scenes: How to Make Money From Your Blog (Without Huge Traffic!)

Remember this series? You guys seemed to really enjoy it, so today I’m happy to delve into a topic that I think will be relevant and interesting to both bloggers and non-bloggers alike: how to make money from a blog! I find this is something many non-bloggers are curious about – in fact, … Read more ››

Photographing Runway: Alon Livné

Alon Livné, which was the last show I shot for at Bridal Fashion Week, actually went a long way to change my mind about wedding dresses. As I mentioned the other day, my viewpoint before this project was “who would pay five (or ten, or twenty) thousand dollars for a dress … Read more ››

Photographing Runway: Naeem Khan and JLM Couture

JLM Couture (which is an umbrella brand under which several designers fall) was a memorable show during my time shooting at Bridal Fashion Week. It was at very end of Day Two and I was running on about three hours of fitful sleep, due to some technical difficulties the night before … Read more ››

A Few Good Links

In case you haven’t heard (kidding), it snowed here yesterday. I faced that ever-present internal conflict…go out and take pretty snow pictures…or stay cozy warm inside? Sadly, my laziness won out. Always so tired after day shift…and it was just so nice and warm and dry inside. I hope it … Read more ››

Photographing Bridal Fashion Week: Sarah Seven

Sarah Seven was one of my favorite presentations to photograph during Bridal Fashion Week. The theme was “Fun in the Sun with Sarah Seven,” and the set was festooned with palm trees, beach balls, surfboards – even a bar cart with Popsicles! I loved the beachy styling, especially the models’ long, loose waves, and … Read more ››

Melissa Clark’s Apple Buttermilk Loaf Cake

I always love to browse the NYT Dining section looking for interesting food news, delicious recipes, and especially the latest from Melissa Clark. Her videos, articles, and recipes are always great, and trust me – her granola recipe is the only one you’ll ever need to know. Naturally her cookbooks are two of my favorites, … Read more ››

A Few Good Links

Yay, Friday! What’s everyone up to this weekend? I’m going to brunch tomorrow at ABC Kitchen, my favorite restaurant in the city – really excited because I’ve only had dinner there, never brunch – and every meal I’ve ever had there has been amazing. I’m also planning to do a … Read more ››

Bridal Fashion Week: Photographing Runway

Some of you said you wanted to hear more about my experience shooting at Bridal Fashion Week, and that made me really happy! So, the way I got the job is that my friend Kate (wedding photographer extraordinaire) who has worked with before, recommended me for it – which was the … Read more ››