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Paris Photo Essays: Versailles (Part Deux)

I want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to comment and share their opinion on my last post. Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, I know we can all agree this is a tumultous time in the US, and it just seemed wrong not … Read more ››

On My Mind: Should Bloggers Speak Out Against the Current Administration?

image by Collin Armstrong via unsplash Lately as I scroll through my blog reader and see some bloggers addressing the crazy and mind-boggling things happening in the US currently, and others going about their regular blog topics and not addressing it at all, this question has been on my mind a lot. … Read more ››

Paris Photo Essays: Versailles (Part Un)

Time for some pictures from Versailles! Going through and editing these is getting me so excited to go back to Paris. Versailles was pretty amazing. I mentioned it on Instagram, but the most flabbergasting thing about it was how big it was. Not just how big the chateau was, but the grounds – … Read more ››

Florals and a Coffee Table Refresh

I fell in love with floral designers B. Floral when they provided the gorgeous flower arrangements for this bedroom makeover post. They were so wonderful to work with and I’ve enjoyed keeping up with their events and floral design work on Instagram. Last week they kindly sent me an absolutely gorgeous arrangement, and I loved … Read more ››

A Few Good Links

I hope you all had a great (short) week! The highlight of mine was attending a book signing and reading at Book Culture on the Upper West Side for Lucinda Rosenfeld’s newest novel, Class – which received a great review in the Times Book section. It’s a satirical (or not, … Read more ››

My Biggest Photography Job to Date – Shooting at Bridal Fashion Week

Today I’m excited to share some details and photos from my biggest professional photography job to date – shooting runway shows and presentations at last year’s Bridal Fashion Week for It was an incredible experience – equal parts exciting, stressful, crazy, and wonderful! Overall it turned out to be three 12 hour (ish) … Read more ››

New NYC Art from Caitlin McGauley

My love for Caitlin McGauley’s art is well-documented, and I’m beyond in love with these two new pieces she just released  – above, Winter in Central Park. The Boat Pond.  Part of why I love her New York City scenes so much is that she used to live close to … Read more ››

Unpacking Fashion at the Met

I wanted to pop in and encourage anyone who’s able to check out the current Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Exhibition, Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion. It runs through February 5th and explores the ways in which the definition of a fashion “masterwork” shifts over time, as tastes and technologies change and evolve. … Read more ››

Checking In + Exciting News!

First of all, I wanted to say a quick sorry for being a spotty blogger lately! Life, ya know. So many things I want to do (like blog, plus a million other things) and need to do (like, clean my apartment, and a million other things), and yet all I … Read more ››

Recent (and not so recent) Reads

Sorry for not posting any book reviews in about…oh, a million years (slight exaggeration). I have a few to cover so I’m just going to post quick reviews of each. Let me know what you’ve been reading in the comments if you like! When in French: Love in a Second Language … Read more ››