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Life Lately + Links

Hey guys…yaaaay, weekend! To be honest, I had kind of a blah week (aside from one fun meeting), but yesterday a big and exciting opportunity dropped into my inbox that really gave me a big burst of excitement – just when I needed it. I’m equal parts excited and terrified and hope to … Read more ››

Before and After: Blank Wall to Gallery Wall

Confession: I love gallery walls, but I hate putting them up. I like arranging them and I love the end result, but they’re so much damn work – and I have to say, doing my sister’s gallery wall (which, for the record, I begged and badgered her to let me … Read more ››

Blogging BTS: Beginner Photography Tips

Wow, guys. This is a BIG TOPIC – there is literally so, so much I could talk about with photography (and sorry for two photography posts in a row!). Not because I’m some kind of amazing expert, but just because I feel like personally I’ve come so far in my … Read more ››

On Making Big Purchases and Investing in Yourself

Sorry to have been oh so dramatic and mysterious about the big new purchase I posted about a few weeks ago – in case you haven’t already guessed – it’s a new camera! I decided to finally take the plunge and invest in the one I’ve been wanting for years, a Canon 5D … Read more ››

NYC Guide: Pasta Making at Eataly

Last weekend my sister and I took a pasta making class at Eataly in Flatiron. I wasn’t planning on posting about it, but it was so good that I decided I needed to share in case anyone was considering it or looking for a good cooking class. I’ve taken a few … Read more ››

Life Lately + Links

Hey, hey, and happy almost weekend! This week, I: Went to a fun cocktail party celebrating the opening of the Upper East Side Sugarfina boutique. Shipped the first order out from my Etsy shop – so exciting- and thank you SO MUCH to everyone who left a kind comment and message. You … Read more ››

Loving, Lately

Agenda // Dress // Vanilla Bean Chocolate // Oh, Joy Shaker // Rosé Cider Read more ››

Blogging BTS: How I Come Up with Post Ideas

For my second Blogging Behind the Scenes post, I thought I would share a bit about how I come up with blog post ideas – which feels like a natural extension of my post about how to blog five days a week (in fact, I started talking about these things in … Read more ››

Exciting News: My Print Shop!

Today I have some news and I hope you’re as excited about it as I am: I opened an Etsy shop! I’m selling photography prints of some of my favorite images that I’ve taken for the blog or just for fun over my years in the city, and I’m looking forward … Read more ››

NYC Guide: Thai Ice Cream Rolls at 10 Below

Exciting news: I’ve definitely found my new favorite ice cream place in New York City. 10 Below makes Thai ice cream rolls, which is this really cool process where they pour the starter and the mix-ins onto a cold slab, and then mix, mix, mix while it freezes and changes … Read more ››