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NYC Guide: Irving Farm Coffee Roasters Upper East Side

Hope everyone’s enjoying their day off! Today I’m excited to share a new coffee shop with you, which I hope is helpful because I get a lot of readers emailing me asking for coffee shop recs! So, we all know downtown NYC is known for its hip and trendy coffee … Read more ››

A Few Good Links

It’s HOT in NYC, folks! Instant summer. I’m sticking around the city for Memorial Day, but starting to kind of wish I were heading off to some watery destination. The one upside of staying in Manhattan over a holiday weekend though – the city empties out, making it the perfect … Read more ››

Bloom That + An Exciting Project!

If you follow me on Insta and Snapchat you may already know about this, but a few months back I filmed a video project with Hudsun Media for Brit + Co., all about small space living. It was such an exciting, crazy, and completely overwhelming experience – tons of people … Read more ››

Recent Reads

It, by Stephen King: I decided to read It after loving On Writing…I kind of got the idea in my head that I would maybe read through all of Stephen King’s books. I downloaded it for Audible and thus, didn’t realize what a monster it was (over 1,000 pages). I enjoyed it, … Read more ››

NYC Guide: A Met Museum Tour with Museum Hack

A few weeks ago I was invited by Museum Hack to take their Behind the Scenes tour at the Met Museum, and it turned out to be a really fun experience! Museum Hack runs tours that are unconventional, irreverent, and outside the box – not your typical art history tour. I bought … Read more ››

A Few Good Links

These pictures from Kat’s blog are so pretty…and I love her dress! If you’re obsessed with cold brew coffee like I am, try Chameleon’s black coffee brew. It’s really good and it’s organic – woo! Speaking of dresses, I’ve been scouring the Internet these last few months looking for cute, casual-but-could-be-dressed-up … Read more ››

Charleston Guide: Middleton Place

During our trip to Charleston we took a day to visit Middleton Place, a Civil War-era plantation on the Ashley River. It’s now a National Historic Landmark consisting of sculpted gardens, a House Museum, stable yards, and even an inn. I have a major love for big old mansions and estates and such (like … Read more ››

Photo Essays: Park Avenue Tulips

Nothing gets me out of the winter doldrums like the arrival of the Park Avenue tulips! Long gone by now, they’re the first harbingers of spring and I can never resist snapping a few photos when they start to pop up. Speaking of spring – it seems to have gotten … Read more ››

Reader Survey: I Want to Hear From You!

I started this blog back in 2011 because I needed a creative outlet for myself – a place to share the things that I love, that inspire me, that interest me and get me excited. It’s still that, and always will be – but I’d also love to make this a … Read more ››

NYC Guide: Flower Girl

I first discovered Flower Girl through their little shop in the Gansevoort Market, where I was charmed by their lovely blooms and great looking logo. When I discovered that they have their own shop on the Lower East Side, I was excited to pay them a visit! Their arrangements have a luxe, organic … Read more ››