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Organizing Tip of the Day: A Few Inspiring Links

“Life truly begins only after you have put your house in order,” says Marie Kondo. Perhaps a bit of an over-the-top perspective, but I wouldn’t expect any less from the organizing guru. In her new book, Spark Joy, Kondo shares organizational methods as a follow-up to her wildly best-selling decluttering book, The … Read more ››

Redesigned Gallery Wall

Today I wanted to share with you my redesigned gallery wall – I did this a few months back to accommodate some new pieces. I’m sharing it now because it won’t be around for much longer – I got a few more new pieces that need homes, (including this!) so a … Read more ››

Pear Vanilla Green Smoothie

Contrary to how it may appear on my blog and Instagram, I do occasionally eat things that are healthy. However, I have a big aversion to eating something just because it’s healthy – it has to taste good, otherwise I’m not on board. So you can trust me when I tell you … Read more ››

A New Vanity Chair

image source Remember my wire chair that I spray painted pink (inspired by this Apartment Therapy home tour)? I loved it, but at a certain point I decided I needed to de-pinkify my apartment a bit, so I spray painted it black. I never blogged about it because I actually wasn’t … Read more ››

NYC Guide: Té Company

I can’t think of a better time than now, in the midst of a cold and blustery winter (#Jonas), to introduce you all to a lovely and serene tea shop called Té Company. Nestled in a cozy, tucked away corner of the West Village, Té Company provides a quiet spot to curl … Read more ››

Michelle Adams’ New Blog

Happy snow day, East Coasters! You’re stuck inside and you’re bored (or you’re stuck inside and you’re secretly thrilled about it, like me) – so here’s something fun to keep you occupied: Michelle Adams’ new website! In her second blog post she’s sharing some more details behind her recent home renovation, … Read more ››

Organizing Tip of the Day: How to Organize and Style Magazines

When it comes to magazines in the home, they can go one of two ways: chic and cool, or a big cluttered mess. You need to be honest with yourself when it comes to organizing magazines. Are you the type of person who can style your shelves and surfaces and … Read more ››

A Personalized Gift Idea

As I’ve mentioned before, I think the best kinds of gifts are personalized gifts. I came across this cool three-dimensional art from Sarah and Bendrix, and I think it could make such a unique and meaningful present. It’s a shadow-box of sorts that consists of these tiny paper hearts, which on … Read more ››

Rosaviola: Olympia Le-Tan for Diptyque

Over the weekend I was walking in Soho with my friend Alexis when the window display at Diptyque caught my eye. It was covered in whimsical illustrated lips, bags, hearts, and books in vivid shades of pink and red…so of course I had to check it out. Inside I found … Read more ››

NYC Guide: Book Culture

One of my favorite bookstores on the Upper West Side is Book Culture on Columbus, introduced to me by my friend Elana. The shop is bright, cozy, and kid-friendly, reminding me a bit of The Shop Around the Corner from You’ve Got Mail. They have a great selection of books, cards, … Read more ››