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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I’ll be celebrating by working my way through Ladurée’s special edition box filled with Halloween macarons..yum. Hope everyone has a fun time! PS – LET’S GO METS!!   Read more ››

The Prettiest Pencils

I got really excited yesterday when I saw on Instagram that Rifle Paper Co. has released pencils! Yes, I am excited about pencils. Aren’t they so pretty though? Anna Bond (founder/creative director of Rifle) mentioned on Instagram a while back that they were going to release the pencils, which were popular … Read more ››

West Village Art: Kazuya Morimoto

Remember when I posted about Hamilton’s Soda Fountain, the adorable retro soda shop down on Bank Street in the West Village? When taking those photos I became really enamored with the five or so watercolors that they had hanging on the walls, which depicted various pockets of the West Village. They were charming … Read more ››

NYC Guide: Sugarfina

I can’t remember how I first discovered California-based Sugarfina, but I’ve been obsessed with the luxury candy boutique for as long as I can remember. The couple behind the brand, Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick, started the company based on a gap they noticed in the market for a candy store that catered to … Read more ››

Perfectly Pink

1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 1: The things that make this sweater slightly ridiculous: hot pink, covered in pom-poms. The things that make me love this sweater: hot pink, covered in pom-poms. 2: This sweet blush pink set of Jane Austen novels would make a great holiday … Read more ››

NYC Guide: Eli’s Essentials 

The other night I was invited to try out Eli’s Essentials, a lovely and cozy wine bar tucked away in Carnegie Hill (one of my favorite Upper East Side neighborhoods). I took my sister and we wound up having one of the best meals I’ve ever had in New York City – … Read more ››

Healthy Apple Muffins

What better way to welcome autumn than with a recipe that makes your apartment smell like apple pie? These Apple Crumb Muffins are easy to pull together, relatively healthy (as far as baked goods go), and absolutely delicious. The best things about this particular recipe are the little juicy chunks of real apple … Read more ››

A Few Good Links

I’m such a big fan of Kapito-Muller Interiors’ aesthetic and design work, so I loved this profile of the two on domino. More gorgeous photography by Kate…and an amazingly beautiful setting for a wedding. Obviously adored this profile of Elisabeth Holder, the co-president of Ladurée US. Gorgeous pictures at the … Read more ››

Current Favorites: Black Dresses

Sea | Aritzia | Club Monaco | Madewell | Loft | Club Monaco | Comptoir des Cotonniers Out of all the millions of clothes I have (many of which I definitely do not need), I’m missing the most basic of items: a black dress. I literally do not own a single … Read more ››

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How You Can Help

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so today I want to share some ways you can help by supporting an amazing organization called the Breast Treatment Task Force. The BTTF provides breast cancer screenings, treatments, diagnostic follow-ups and education to women in NYC who are uninsured. In my opinion, nobody … Read more ››