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Alexandra Von Furstenberg Treasure Box

In December, I received the most wonderful birthday gift from my sister: the Alexandra Von Furstenberg Acrylic Treasure Box in Black Smoke. I’ve been a HUGE fan of Alexandra Von Furstenberg’s neon acrylic items for a long time (this especially), but when I saw the smoke print (available on trays, … Read more ››

A Few Questions With…fitBallet Founder Julie Walsh

A few months back I had the pleasure of meeting Julie Walsh – Harvard grad, lifelong dancer, and founder of an awesome fitness program called fitBallet. fitBallet combines cardio and strength training while maintaining a focus on stretching and ballet technique to help you tone up, build strength, and achieve … Read more ››

Photo Essays: Snow in Carl Schurz Park

On Saturday I went out to run a few errands, and wouldn’t you know it…the minute I stepped outside it started to snow. After finishing what I needed to do, I popped into my favorite coffee shop to warm up with a latte and a croissant. As I was watching … Read more ››

Rice Krispies Treats with Brown Butter and Sea Salt

Rice Krispies Treats might just be the ideal dessert. They require a minimal number of ingredients, take literally 5-10 minutes to whip up, and are inevitably a delicious crowd pleaser. For my sister’s Oscar Sunday get-together this past weekend, I decided to make a jazzed up version of the old … Read more ››

My Favorite NYC Bookstores

One of the things that I love most about NYC (which will surprise exactly no one): the bookstores. This is a city still full of independent bookshops that each have their own unique charm: there’s the old creaky ones, the “hip,” modern ones, the musty used bookstores full of history, … Read more ››

On My Wishlist: Brushstroke Lamp

I always find myself very drawn to abstract art composed of random brushstrokes, so Jana Bek’s hand-painted Brushstroke lamps greatly appeal to me. I love the black version the most, though I’m also partial to the blush pink (obviously), which I think would make an adorable, yet sophisticated piece for … Read more ››

Three in Arabesque

Back in December when I visited the 73 Spring Shop pop-up, I had the pleasure of meeting talented artist Inslee Fariss. I’ve been a huge fan of her lovely illustrations for a long time, and she was just as nice in person as I could have imagined. While at the … Read more ››

My Three Favorite Instagrammers

When it comes to social media, there’s really only one platform that I truly enjoy utilizing on a daily basis: Instagram! I love capturing the perfect image for that little square and using the editing tools to make it look juuust right. For me, my Instagram goes hand-in-hand with my … Read more ››

British Chocolate

Were you guys aware that British chocolate bars are different from the ones we eat in the US? Different candy bars, yes, but even the ones that are ostensibly the same (like Cadbury milk chocolate bars) are made using different formulations and different ingredients. I only vaguely knew any of … Read more ››

Tea and Sympathy

The other weekend I finally made time to visit a West Village spot that I’ve been dying to try for a while, called Tea & Sympathy. This place is so cute, and so charmingly British. They specialize in (duh), tea, and also have excellent scones – perfectly petite, and delicious with jam … Read more ››