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Orangette Oatmeal

Oatmeal has always been something that I thought I should love, because I love creamy things and I love oats. However, every time I’ve made it it’s had a gluey, gloppy texture, and tasted of cardboard. So I was super psyched to find this recipe on Molly Wizenberg’s blog Orangette, which … Read more ››

Georgetown Cupcake

Ever since I saw The Everygirl’s fantastic feature on Georgetown Cupcake with completely GORGEOUS photography by Kate Ignatowski, I’ve been dying to head down to Soho and pay this cute bakery a visit. I finally did and I thought the cupcakes were delicious, and the shop itself adorable! I love … Read more ››


I finally jumped on the Waterlogue bandwagon, and I’ve been having so much fun with it. Waterlogue (brilliant name, by the way) is an app that turns your pictures into gorgeous watercolors, right before your eyes. I feel like it really elevates a “meh” picture, or adds a new dimension to … Read more ››

Central Park

I spent a day strolling around Central Park and snapping photos a few weeks (maybe even months) ago, when the weather was still bearable and before most of the snow. I never got around to posting them so here they are! photographs by me Read more ››

Sculptural Objects

I’ve long had a thing for Alessi’s Blow Up Citrus Basket. I love how modern and unique it is, and I’m really drawn to the random assortment of straight lines. I don’t really see myself using it as a citrus basket, but just a decorative object (probably in one of … Read more ››

Clinton St. Baking Company

Nothing makes me happier than finally going to a place that I’ve been dying to visit, and it’s all the better when it’s some delicious eatery. Such was the case recently when I finally made my way downtown to try Clinton St. Baking Company, a place that I had heard … Read more ››

How To Style an Ikea Expedit

My Ikea Expedit is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in my apartment, simply because it’s such a mix of style + function. It’s an amazing room divider that allows light to filter right through it to the rest of the apartment, and (equally important) it’s so fun to … Read more ››

The Prettiest Coffee Table Books

When it comes to design, I’m a fan of special little details. One such detail that I’ve come to notice and enjoy is colored book pages, such as on Kelly Wearstler’s Rhapsody. It’s just so pretty and unexpected, and since I’m such a huge fan of colorful books, this beautiful … Read more ››

Lookalike for Less: Channels Pillow

I’ve been obsessed with Kelly Wearstler’s Channels pillow for a while now, as it fits in with my fondness for splatter paint-esque patterns. It’s not splatter paint, persay, but it’s in the same vein, and I love it (in black and white – it seems to only be available in plum at this … Read more ››

Inspiration (Floor) Board

The #1 home decor element I’ve always wanted in my apartment, and never had a spot for, is an inspiration board. I have so many things I’d love to hang on it! It seems every time I go to a restaurant, showhouse, or store, they have a cute little business … Read more ››