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A Room in a House

Hello, gorgeous. How fabulous is this room? The mirror, the dresser, the beautiful curves on that chair…it’s perfection. Oh, and the floors. Those amazing floors. I love. I like to imagine it’s a room in this house: Seems like a perfect match, yes? If I were going to live anywhere … Read more ››

Apple Crisp

Apple crisp is a favorite recipe of mine. It’s delicious, simple, and so easy to throw together. I found a great recipe for it here and just tweaked it a little to reduce the sugar. You might be able to reduce the flour as well, but I haven’t tried that yet-next time! Here’s … Read more ››

New to Me

Is there anything better than being the last to jump on the bandwagon of something that’s gotten tons of hype, and then discover that it was worth every word of it? At that point I think to myself, Why was I ignoring this before, when everyone kept saying how amazing it … Read more ››


Is anyone else completely head over heels for this floral statement wall featured in the March/April issue of Lonny? It’s part of the West Village apartment of Anna Burke, a designer who works alongside Celerie Kemble. via And seriously, how pretty and stylish is she? via I love the way she … Read more ››

City Chic

I am in love with this look on Miranda Kerr: via Miranda has got some serious style! I’m constantly drawn to her simple, pulled together, urban ensembles. I love her jeans here (I’m never giving up on my skinny jeans, no matter how many flares the stores throw at me!), … Read more ››

Reese's From Scratch

Reese’s Peanut Butter cups are one of my all-time favorite candies, and who would’ve thought-they’re SO easy to make at home! There are a multitude of recipes online that you can follow, and they can even be made vegan. There are easy step by step instructions and a full recipe (non-vegan) available here. … Read more ››

Happy Macaron Day!

Yet another reason to envy the French: their holidays are WAY cooler than ours. Case in point: today is Jour du Macaron (Macaron Day) in Paris! Originated by renowned pastry chef Pierre Hermes, this year the holiday will raise money and awareness for Autistes sans Frontieres, by giving away free macarons … Read more ››

The Dark Rose

As a fan of Erin Kelly’s debut novel The Poison Tree, I’m excited to get my hands on her newest release: It features: The ruins of a decaying English garden.2 characters hiding from questionable pasts.Dark secrets.A love affair.Sounds good to me! Like in The Poison Tree, I’m expecting an atmospheric tale … Read more ››

A Stylish Seattle Space

I was “paging” through the old July/August 2011 Lonny, and rediscovered the gorgeous Seattle apartment of Lisa Stasiulewicz,’s style editor. It was designed by Michelle Adams, Ellie Somerville, and Victoria de la Camara, and photographed by Patrick Cline. I love the way it’s feminine but not over the top … Read more ››

No Regrets

Continuing my little week of art here, this is the piece that I hung in my entryway: Sarah and Bendrix print I am in love with the black and gold colors of this piece. Since I’m WAY too chicken to ever have a black painted statement wall, this is pretty … Read more ››