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Abstract Garden Alissa West Chelsea Alissa Want = All. Need = None. That’s the kind of math I do not enjoy. Read more ››

Down to the Wire

Loving this Industrial Wire Wastebasket from High Street Market. It has a great raw style to it that would add a nice little touch of edge to a girly office or all white bathroom. Even though it’s dubbed “industrial,” it seems to have an organic earthiness to it that I’m digging. … Read more ››

Compliments of the Queen

The newest addition to my little art collection: Found by my Mom, who is the best thrifter ever (seriously, she finds the BEST stuff). She discovered some amazing vintage maps of Paris and London on her last excursion, and this quirky little piece is a page that was tucked inside the book … Read more ››

Coffee Table Remix

I said I would do it, and I made good on my declaration. Distortion candlestick + hot pink candle = over the top awesomeness. Adding some much needed height to my coffee table. Pretty and interesting from all angles! This inspired me to do a quick re-styling of my coffee … Read more ››


Lately I just cant stop lusting after the gorgeous Clara Apartment sofa from Pottery Barn. I’ve been contemplating the idea of a new couch for the last few months, and this beauty definitely caught my eye. I love the color, the simplicity, the legs, the tufting (oh, the tufting!). It’s so chic … Read more ››

Distortion Candlestick

How. Cool. Is this Distortion Candlestick from the MoMa store? It feels like something out of Alice in Wonderland or a Salvador Dali painting. It’s so interesting and quirky, yet the white cast resin material keeps it looking simple and elegant. It’s a twist on something classic, which is totally … Read more ››

Pot of Chocolate

via I’ve been obsessing over this little fondue au chocolat from Mignon Kitchen Co. ever since I saw it in Cup of Jo’s Mother’s Day gift guide. How delicious does that look? After heating in the microwave, the stoneware jar keeps the milk chocolate inside warm while you go about dipping … Read more ››

Recent Reads

via Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman, by Robert K. Massie, was probably the most riveting non-fiction that I’ve ever read. Massie crafted a bio that reads like a novel, full of palace intrigue, insight into the large cast of characters, romance, and more, from the life of an extremely … Read more ››


I thought today I would share with everyone the first gallery wall I did when I moved into my apartment (this is my second one-well actually, it’s sort of my third-I have another one still in progress). I love how versatile it is-if I get a new piece, I can usually … Read more ››

Diptyque Paris on Bleecker

Yesterday I popped into the gorgeous Diptyque store on Bleecker in the West Village. It was like a swirly, chic little dream in a tiny box: via  See what I mean? I love the effect on the walls. And note the amazing chandelier, which IS made of upside down empty Diptyque candles. … Read more ››